15 Ideas for Kitchen Renovation to Take It to The Next Level

Are you running out of ideas for your kitchen renovation? Here are some suggestions that will add value to your home.


Ideas for Kitchen Renovation


Maximise the unused space.

Do you have unused space in the corner of your kitchen?


Transform it into something interesting. Add a nook where you can drink your morning coffee while waiting for the brisket stew to soften, and accessorise it with throw pillows of different colours to make it look more comfortable.


Install open shelves.

Open shelves make the kitchen look bigger and brighter, they organise your dishes and utensils, and you may use the space to store your decorative plates or family photos.


Make it into an open floor plan.

Consider making your kitchen into an open floor plan. You will love it if you love entertaining your guests with your cooking. It also makes the space look bigger and more welcoming.


Paint the kitchen cabinets.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the quickest ideas for kitchen renovation that can significantly improve the entire look of your kitchen. Try using a light colour to make your kitchen look relaxing.


Replace the cabinets.

If you want something more drastic, then replace the cabinets. It will give your kitchen an entirely new look. But this will also require more time and money.


Brighten the kitchen up.

Update the light fixtures or add more windows. Let more natural light inside the kitchen. You will be surprised at how much it can change the ambience of your kitchen.


Update the tile backsplash.

The tile backsplash protects your wall from grease and other splatters. It also makes your kitchen look good. You may consider updating it to make your kitchen look new again.


Buy smart appliances.

Smart appliances are becoming more popular nowadays. They can connect to your smartphone and make your life easier. It is one of the ideas for a kitchen renovation that will surely add value to your home.


Update the ceiling.

Homeowners often forget the ceilings when it comes to renovation. But painting it or adding a new design can make your kitchen look more stylish.


Replace the hardware material.

Renew your faucet and hardware with new material. You can use brass or bronze to renew its looks. If you want more options, go to a hardware store and look for materials available.


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Add some decorations to make your kitchen more personalised. You may add a vase of fresh flowers, colourful rugs, or wooden stools. You can upgrade your kitchen to the next level with these simple additions.


Add a kitchen island.

A kitchen island can provide more counter space and storage. You can use it as a dining table or a place to prepare food. It is one of the ideas for a kitchen renovation that your family will love.


Floor tiling

Many homeowners prefer wood for the floor, but tiles are easier to clean. Tiles are also more resistant to spillage stains. If you use wood for your kitchen flooring, consider replacing it with tiles.


Paint the walls

A new coat of paint can change the look of your kitchen. You may use a bright colour to make it look more lively or a dark colour to look more sophisticated.


Update countertops

One of the ideas for a kitchen renovation is to install new countertops. It will give your kitchen an entirely new look. Choose a colour that will complement the overall look of your kitchen.


There you have it! These ideas for a kitchen renovation will add value to your home. If you need help with any of these upgrades, contact us today!

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