4 Reasons to Add House Inclusions

For people looking for a new home, house inclusions can determine what house they’ll purchase. One of the great benefits of home additions is that they add value to your home. Besides that, there are numerous reasons house inclusions can be an excellent idea which we will cover further along in this post.


But firstly, if you’re unsure about what a house inclusion is or don’t know what to get added, we have compiled a list of a few popular home addition choices homeowners are choosing right now.


House Inclusion Options You Might Want To Add

The sky’s the limit when it comes to the number of choices you can add to your home! House inclusions can be external or internal additions to your home. Here are some suggestions you might want to consider:



A house with a fireplace usually costs more than the others, but it is worth it. You’ll never regret asking your builders to build you a fireplace because it can be an excellent addition to your room’s decor and functionality.


Not only does the fireplace make for an excellent focal point in any room, but it can also provide you with comfort during your cold winter months.



Air conditioning is a must-have in your home. If you don’t own one during the hot season, you’ll be spending a lot of effort taking care of the house ventilation. Having AC installed will also save you from purchasing fans that only roast the house with hot wind instead of cooling it off.


Bookshelves or Mini Library

A bookshelf or mini-library is a must-have house inclusion if you’re a bookworm or a bibliophile. Bookshelves provide you with a place to store all your books in an organised way.


You’ll never regret adding it to your house as you won’t have to worry about the mess of having them scattered in the different areas of your home.


Entertainment Room

Every house needs a comfy space where the family can watch movies, TV shows, and other media types together. This house inclusion is a great way to entertain visitors to your house and a private space for friends and family to spend quality time together.



Any house needs storage units or cabinets to store household items, from clothes to dishes. If you don’t have any storage, it can be a huge inconvenience to your lifestyle. You’ll constantly be running out of space, and your belongings will be scattered in different areas of your home, which can be an eye-sore.


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Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a house inclusion that you might want to consider. It is perfect for those who love to cook outdoors and entertain guests simultaneously!



A skylight provides natural light into your house, which can brighten up your surroundings. Thus, also improving your mood.


Why You Should Consider Having Some House Inclusions

House inclusions may not be essential. As long as you have the basic parts of a home, such as a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, you can live in your home 24/7. Besides, these luxuries will only add to the cost of building your house, right?


Although these inclusions can blow up what you have to pay for your contractor, there are many good reasons why people add them, which are the following:


Saves you money in the long run

For example, you love playing billiards and other board games. Adding a gaming room with complete amenities will save you money in the long run – from paying an hourly playing fee to transportation.


Also, if you currently don’t have the budget for an air-conditioner but are planning to buy one in the future, you should build a structure that accommodates it during the construction process. Instead of putting it off for future renovations, it will save you more money.


Increases the value of your home

One of the key benefits of having house inclusions is increasing your house’s value. Potential house buyers will see all the extra amenities you have added and will be more likely to make an offer.


It is especially important if you are looking to sell your home in the future. Adding house inclusions can help increase the value by several thousand dollars, depending on what you add.


Improves your lifestyle

Having house inclusions can improve your lifestyle. For example, if you love swimming, adding an outdoor pool can make it easier for you to enjoy a swim without having to leave your property.


Gives you peace of mind

Lastly, house inclusions can give you peace of mind. For example, do you have a fireplace besides your house’s heating system? A fireplace allows you the comfort of knowing that there are backups for everything just in case anything goes wrong with your heating system.


Adding some inclusions during the build also gives long-term peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about paying a higher cost for building the luxuries you want. You also don’t have to change the structure of your home to accommodate the changes that you’ve only decided to include in the future.


Although there are house inclusions that are better to be put off adding in the future, there are the kinds that are easy to incorporate. Examples are the outdoor barbecue area and skylight. You can put off adding these for later renovations if you’re already 100% sure you want them.



House inclusions are house additions that can be added to your house to make it more livable. Examples are fireplaces, air-conditioning, bookshelves, entertainment rooms, storage units or cabinets, outdoor kitchens and skylights.


If you’re looking into adding house inclusions to fit your house, contact MKJ Projects to help you add them to your home.


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