Are All Builders Unreliable?

Not all builders are unreliable, but let’s face it. Bad builders are everywhere. Many homeowners who had once hoped for a successful renovation became frustrated because they hired unreliable builders. Their renovations had gone wrong, and theír money went down the drain.


We understand that your previous experience with your builders has made you ask, “why are all contractors unreliable?”


However, there is more than what meets the eye. There are good builders out there. You only need to know where to find them.


Why Do You Always End up Hiring Unreliable Builders?

It’s easier to hire unreliable builders than trustworthy ones. It isn’t your fault as you only want to make the best decision for your property. What you need is to learn why some people always end up hiring them.


It’s easy to claim to be a builder.

You can work as a builder even if you don’t have a license. Although a few unlicensed builders can do their job well, it is more often than not that working with them will result in a lousy job.


It’s because unlicensed builders will often not care about the local building codes and permits that you have to secure, which will affect the value of your home and your insurance privileges.


The unlicensed builders’ price offer is enticing.

Who wouldn’t want to get a renovation at half of the regular price? Unreliable builders often offer their services at a much lower rate, which is not surprising at all.


To obtain a builder’s license and maintain it, a builder must pay the licensing fees. They also have to obtain building permits and insurance to ensure that your property adheres to the standard local regulation and safety.


Some builders are unwilling to give out information about the status of their company.


Even if you do the interview, most builders will not reveal the negative side of their company. If they have a problem with their staff or don’t have recent clients, they will most likely hide it from you.


As mentioned, not all unlicensed builders are unreliable if you are willing to do the legwork of researching and securing the proper permits and aware of the risk you’re getting into when you hire them.


But why gamble if you can hire a licensed and trustworthy builder with proof of experience and results?


Tips to Avoid Unreliable Builders

Your renovation is too essential and expensive to jeopardise. You don’t want the hard-earned money that you’ve saved for a long time to go down the drain because of a lousy job.


Here is how you can avoid unreliable builders:


Dig for information when you interview

Don’t hesitate to ask what you need to know when interviewing your prospect builders. Ask about their financial situation, the number of clients at present, and their licences.


For a detailed list of questions to ask the builders, see House Renovation Builders: Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring One.



Although interviewing your prospect builder is a part of doing your research, you should do some research on your own. Look for legit reviews and testimonials on reputable websites.


Get a recommendation from a person who just had an excellent house renovation.

The easiest way to find a reputable builder is through a recommendation from someone who just had an excellent renovation.


If you see that your neighbour’s new kitchen or bathroom renovation looks nice, ask your neighbour who did it.


How Can You Tell If You Have a Bad Builder?

Here are the signs that you have hired or are about to hire an unreliable builder:


They lie about the local requirements when you ask.

Unreliable builders might say that permits are not required. Local licences are important to make your renovation or other construction legit. If you choose to pursue the building without getting a permit, you will be forced to start the construction again.


They are not willing to get into a contract.

A written contract serves as evidence when everything goes wrong, and you have a high chance to get a settlement or refund. Because of this, you should be wary if the builders refuse to have a written contract.


They have issues with their staff.

If you’ve heard that your contractor doesn’t treat their staff well, you better look for another one. Builders who aren’t paid or treated well are not motivated to do their job at their best as they don’t have the reason to.


They offer their services at an unbelievably low price.

If their services are unbelievably cheap, it is one sign that they are unlicensed. Do not be tempted by their offers as you might suffer a more expensive consequence later.


They have changed their brand many times.

The most common reason businesses keep changing their name is because they are running away from a tarnished reputation. They also want to hide from the wrongdoings they’ve done to their previous clients.



Even if you think that all builders are unreliable, a time will come that you will need to hire them. Unless you can do the legwork of renovation and construction on your own, you need a reliable builder to help you. You only need to avoid unreliable ones and find professional builders who can turn your visions into reality.


But you should know where and how to find these trustworthy builders. Make sure to hire the one who has been in the industry for many years, as they have the experience and reputation. Also, look for a member of a legit builders organisation in your city.


If you need a licensed builder who has been in the industry for more than a decade and is willing to answer your questions, contact MKJ Projects. Our company is a proud member of the Master Builders Association.


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