3 Bathroom Design Suggestions for a Luxurious Bathing Experience

It is stressful enough to meet the demands of life, from working to being a parent to your kids. You deserve to have a sanctuary where you can unwind, relax, and be yourself.


Where else is the perfect spot for a sanctuary but a bathroom? It is where you can feel like royalty, even just for half an hour.


Bathroom Design Suggestions


To turn your bathroom into your sanctuary, consider the following:


Bathing essentials


Bathing essentials include a bathtub or a shower, or both. Choose what kind of bathing fixtures you want to use when you want to unwind, daydream about your life plans, or think about your life’s choices. You can choose to be luxurious by opting for a jacuzzi tub or a plain one with a shower stall.




Choose a theme for your bathroom design. Do you want a sleek and modern contemporary design? Do you like it to look natural?


The materials you use in your bathroom will make up all the details of how you want it to be. If you’re going to make it look natural, choose materials like stones and timber. An indoor plant can also make it feel more like an outdoor sanctuary.


If you want to make it look sleek and modern, focus on minimalism and neutral colours, such as white, black, and grey. You can also install sliding glass doors and floating vanities.




What you want in a bathroom is to have enough light to give you the ambience you want. You can install skylights to create a nice dramatic and luxurious effect in your bathroom. Have your bathroom designed to allow more natural light that can help perk up your mood if you decide to cry your heart out in the shower while also having enough privacy.


Important Considerations in Designing Your Bathroom


What are the local requirements and regulations?


Each country or state has its standard requirements when designing a bathroom. It’s vital to comply with these requirements to ensure safety and avoid future issues in your community.


Who will use the bathroom?


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will your entire family use the bathroom?
  • Is it for personal use?
  • Will you share it with your pet?


Think about the possibility of having a guest over. Are you willing to share it with a guest? Or will that bathroom be exclusive for guests?


Where will your bathroom stuff be placed?


Plan where the things go inside the bathroom. Think about the placement of the fixtures, such as the sink, bathtub, vanity mirror, and even your cabinets. Figure out what kind of furniture or other amenities you’ll use inside the bathroom and everything that will occupy space.


Besides the size of the furniture, think about their distance from each other. It’s also vital for your electrical equipment or amenities to be far from your bathing area. For example, if you want a TV set inside your bathroom, don’t place it near your bathing area. Being electrocuted is the last thing you’ll want.


What will be the other purpose of your bathroom?


Some homeowners use their bathroom as the laundry or a grooming area for their pets. You have to decide what other functions your bathroom needs to accommodate.


What kind of bathroom would you like to have?


It all depends on the space available or the person who will use the bathroom. There are different types of toilets you can choose.


Powder room


The powder room is also known as the half bath. It commonly consists of a vanity, sink, and toilet. They are built for house guests and are the typical type of bathroom that you see in restaurants and shopping malls.


Three-quarter bathroom


This bathroom contains all the essentials that allow you to do your typical bathroom business. It has a sink, toilet, vanity, and bathing area. The three-quarter bathroom is your option if you have limited space or money. It is also an excellent bathroom to build for guests who have to stay in your house for some time.


Full bathroom


The full bathroom is the best for family use. It is roomy and allows separation between the toilet and the bathing area. Because of this, a full bathroom is also known as the main bathroom. Its spaciousness enables you to add more amenities to make it luxurious.


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After creating a bathroom design, we know that you’ll need someone who can help you make it happen. Choose someone with experience, as you don’t want to waste your efforts and hard-earned money. Choose MKJ Projects.


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