How to Know Your Bathroom Renovation Cost Estimate

The average bathroom renovation cost ranges from $10,000 to $30,000. Although you have this idea, you don’t know how much you should reserve for the kind of bathroom renovation you need and the contingency fund required.


It’s good to save more than you need, but you might be tempted to overspend or overcapitalise if you don’t have a set price estimate. Yet, saving too little will sacrifice the quality of the renovation.


Easy Steps on How to Know Your Bathroom Renovation Cost.

These steps will guide you on how you can have a better estimate of your bathroom renovation cost:


Identify the complexity of the job.

If the job needs structural work, plumbing, electrical repairs or installation, expect to pay more.


Choose your materials and fixtures.

Materials take up the most of your bathroom renovation cost. Expect to pay a higher price if you decide to install or use luxury materials and fixtures, such as marbles or a jacuzzi.


Know who to hire.

Labour is also a part of the list unless you want to do the renovation yourself, which is not advisable.


There are tons of building companies in the country, and they offer their services at different prices. Some builders offer their services at a low cost, and some don’t. Your choice of builders will also determine how much value you can get from your renovation.


If you choose the wrong builder, you’ll get an unfulfilling renovation even with a $30,000 budget; but with the right builder, you’ll be happy with what your renovation will become even with a $10,000 budget.


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Determine the size of your bathroom.

The size of the bathroom is also something to be considered. If it is small, the fewer materials and effort you’ll need. If it is big, you’ll need more materials and labour to complete the renovation.


What Kind of Renovations Can You Do With Your Budget?


Budget of $15,000 or less

With $15,000 or less, you can get minor renovations. But the extent of what you can do is limited, commonly focusing on the bathroom’s aesthetics. It also involves cleaning or polishing what you already have in your bathroom and upgrading or replacing small fittings. Examples are showerhead replacement and tile regrouting and a new paint job.


Budget of $15,000 to $30,000

The primary renovation aim goes beyond aesthetics and incorporates some functionality and accessibility in the bathroom. It may include replacing old materials and fittings with higher-quality ones. Minor changes in utility systems may also be involved but not major renovations, such as relocating the plumbing or structural design changes.


Budget of $30,000 and up

This renovation is also called a luxury renovation. With this budget, you can get a total bathroom makeover that improves aesthetics and functionality. It includes significant design changes, such as restructuring the bathroom and relocating the utility systems.


Whether you have a small or big budget, there’s a renovation for you!


You only have to determine the factors that affect the bathroom renovation cost. Figure out what you need to get a better estimate on how much you should save. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t expect to bring significant changes to your bathroom if you only have a small budget.


But even though you have a limited budget, you can stretch it far if you hire a reliable and licensed builder who can wisely allocate it.


You will always get your money’s worth.


Request a quote today, and let’s talk about how we can renovate your home and maximise your budget.


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