The Ugly Truth Behind Renovation Shows

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against renovation shows. I like them because they inspire people with ideas on what they can do to their homes. The problem is when their audience starts believing that all that’s happening on TV is what’s happening in real life because it’s not.


I hate to tell you that what these shows present to you are not all unicorns and rainbows. Do you think that quality and excellent renovations can happen overnight? Do you think you can get it at a fraction of the price?


In reality, you just can’t. Here are examples of what’s going on in renovation shows that are far from what’s happening in real life.


The Shocking Truth

From DIYs to overnight renovations, what lies are these shows telling us? Here are some of them.


Quality renovations can happen overnight.

I might have mentioned these a couple of times, but this is the highlight of every renovation show. It’s making everyone believe that excellent renovations can happen in 24 hours or less.


It may be true that the renovation work on TV can happen within a shorter time frame than average. But the crews and builders behind these renovations are often overworked.


The thing is, you can’t have a quality renovation in such a short time. It’s impossible. A lot of things go into planning and executing a renovation project. Let alone if you want it to be done perfectly in less than 24 hours!


There are structural works, design works, material sourcing, and much more that need to be done quickly.


The renovation show participants will own the sleek and luxurious furniture shown on TV.

While this may be some people’s dream, the reality is that majority of the time, the furniture shown on TV are rentals. The homeowners will not get to keep them after the renovation show is done, and they will have to return them to the rental company.


You can get renovation work done at a fraction of the price.

Another big promise that renovation shows make is that you can get high-quality renovation work at a fraction of the price.


Sometimes, it can be true for shows like these, as they have sponsors and products to promote. But you can’t expect that an ordinary person can get their renovation done at the same cost as it is on these shows.


You’ll be surprised that the total renovation cost can blow up to three times in real life! If you want to get an accurate renovation quote, it’s best to consult with a professional renovation contractor.


The result of the renovation is superb and high-quality.

Quality and luxury are the final products that renovation shows promise to their viewers; a renovation that will give them a luxurious and high-end feel for their home.


In reality, the end result of a renovation is never as good as what’s shown on TV. There are always problems and glitches along the way. And most of the time, the end result is shoddy to just okay because the crews have to rush to follow a schedule.


There have been former renovation show participants who have revealed the shoddy work done to their homes. They had to spend more for professionals to redo or repair the job.


You Can DIY Everything

Some shows focus on people doing the renovation job themselves, as it will make the show more interesting. While it’s admirable to have the skills and knowledge to do the whole job yourself, that’s not what’s happening behind the scenes.


What’s true about it is that some professional builders have been helping them in their “DIYs” behind the curtain. That’s why you can see that the result is near perfect on television.


It’s dangerous to do DIYs, especially if you’re not skilled enough. You should avoid mimicking what’s happening on renovation shows.


You can DIY simple jobs, such as painting or tiling your floors but don’t attempt complicated tasks like changing the plumbing pipes, electrical wires, and your house’s structure on your own if you have no experience.


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The participants’ reactions on TV are genuine.

The truth is, the participants are made to pretend to look for a new home, even though the property they choose is really theirs. As for the ending, the shows would create different endings and select the one that will make a significant audience impact.


A trip to one store can supply all their renovation needs.

This is another common thing that renovation shows make their audiences believe. They can go to one store and get everything they need for the renovation.


As mentioned, renovation shows have sponsors who can supply some of their needs.


In real life, you can’t just shop at a hardware store to get all the supplies that you need when the renovation has started. It will derail the project.


You can’t also go to one shop and order everything you’ll need there, because you would want to look around to look for cheaper deals that will help save you money.


Hop into the renovation job without a plan.

When renovation shows are being filmed, it’s easy to make it seem like the participants and builders just jump into the renovation without having a plan. But in reality, there is always a plan that has been set even before the cameras start rolling.


The pre-planning process includes:

  • Choosing the suitable materials.
  • Considering the cost of labour and other professional fees.
  • Getting the right crew for the job.


It looks easy on TV when they’re just starting to work on the renovation. But in reality, it’s not as smooth as that. There are always hiccups along the way that can delay the renovation process.


What’s the Beauty Behind Renovation Shows?

Now that I burst your bubble about the ugly truths behind renovation shows, you should also know the beautiful side.


Although there are many lies that these renovation shows aren’t telling us behind the scenes, we are still thankful they exist. They serve as entertainment and inspiration for many people to renovate and improve their homes.


They provide excellent renovation ideas on what property owners should do to their home to increase its market value or to achieve their dream home.


And lastly, renovation shows help promote certain products and services in the market, which is a good thing for businesses.


But at the end of the day, you should not rely on these renovation shows too much. They are just entertainment programs made to look real but are scripted.

To get an authentic and quality renovation, talk to us. Contact MKJ Projects today!

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