Bring Out the Beauty of Your Corner Block House With These Renovation Ideas

If you’re a first-time homeowner of a corner block house, you can’t just do any renovation as you wish. Renovating it requires special considerations. Many factors are involved because more parts of your home will display on two streets.


What Makes Renovating a Corner Block House Special?


It’s challenging.


Unlike renovations on houses on regular blocks, those at the corner blocks are more open to views, and they can be more spacious. However, house renovation on a sloping block can be more difficult.


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Your house should have two facades.

Because your house faces two streets, your home has two facades: the primary and the side.


There is more foot traffic in your area.

More people are walking around your place. Therefore, less security and privacy. It can be good or bad, depending on how your house was built or previously renovated.


If your goal is to make your house the centre of attention and have an excellent design, you won’t be disappointed. But it will be an embarrassment if your home defeats its purpose of being a head-turner in town due to poor design.


You have more space.

Corner block houses are more spacious, allowing you to be creative with your space by maximising your landscapes and adding or extending more rooms.


How to Renovate Your Corner Block House

If your corner house block is built incorrectly, most likely, there are some mistakes you would want to renovate to make the most out of your property. Here are some suggestions on what you can do:


Allow more natural light to come in.

Consider adding more windows or replacing them to allow more natural light to come into your home. One perk of living in a corner house block is that your house has more exposure to sunlight and views.


Choose the best primary facade of your home.

If your house has one facade, you might want to add one more. But you need to ensure that your house’s current facade will be suited as the primary. You can’t just choose it out of the blue, as there are considerations:


  • Does your house stand on a sloping block?
  • What is your house’s current design?
  • How much is the foot traffic in your home?
  • What do your local regulations say about it?


Make the most out of your landscape.

Because your house has two fronts, you also have to maximise your landscaping. Having a beautiful and strategic landscape provides more security and privacy. It also adds to your house’s aesthetic, making it the neighbourhood star.


Check if your house’s access points are placed correctly.

Your access points include doors, pathways, driveway, garage, and fences. Check out how appropriately placed, and accessible they are concerning your side streets.


Make the most out of the space you have.

Aside from landscaping, extend some of your rooms to the outside, or build a new one. You may also add an outdoor sanctuary or an entertainment area that will look good to your house’s overall aesthetics.


Hire the right people for the job.

To help you with the renovation, hire trusted and experienced builders to work for you, especially since corner block houses require special considerations. It’s crucial to choose the tradespeople who you’ll want to work with, as it has a significant impact on the outcome of your renovation.


Hire the wrong people, and your house might become a laughingstock of the town. Hire builders with proven experience, and they will help you make your home a head-turner in your community.


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