Issue With Your Building Rectification Contractor? (Here’s Why)

As a wise property owner, you would never hire a building rectification contractor with bad reviews or recommendations. But why does there still seem to be a problem with the seemingly “good” contractor?


First of all, trust your guts as a property owner. It’s your investment at stake here. If you suspect you have contractor problems but are looking for signs, here’s what to look out for:


Lacks accountability

Is your building rectification contractor always making excuses?


It’s a sign of unaccountability. An accountable contractor will take responsibility for any mistakes or issues during the project. They will also have a plan in place to fix the problem.


Lacks enthusiasm

Your contractor’s attitude towards their work will reflect on its outcome.


If they’re not enthusiastic about the project, it will show in their craft. A good building rectification contractor will be passionate and take pride in their work. They will also be excited to show you progress reports and updates.


Rates are too good to be true.

When it comes to construction services, you always get your money’s worth.


If the rates seem too good to be true, they probably are. It’s likely because they’re cutting corners somewhere. It could be in the quality of materials, the number of workers on-site, or they are unlicensed.


They appear and disappear.

Is your building rectification contractor always missing in action?


Do they show up when they feel like it and disappear for days at a time? That’s not a good sign. A professional contractor will be on-site when they’re supposed to be.


They rely on you to solve the issues they caused.

Mistakes and accidents are unavoidable and can be forgivable if your contractor knows how to solve them.


If your builders can’t solve the problem they’ve caused, it’s a sign that they’re inexperienced. If they cause any damage, they will fix it at their own expense. They shouldn’t expect you to pay for their errors or find a solution for them.


Unwilling to put everything into writing.

If your contractor only wants to make a verbal agreement with you but puts off on turning it into a legal contract, run!


A professional building rectification contractor confident in their work will have no problem putting everything into writing. It includes the project timeline, milestones, budget, and scope of work.


They convince you that permits are unimportant.

If you agree with these contractors to start working without a permit, there’s a high possibility you’ll have to end up demolishing your building or stopping the rectification progress.


Building permits are required for a reason. They ensure that the building rectification services meet the building code and safety regulations. If your contractor tries to convince you that permits are unnecessary, don’t hire them!


Poor customer service.

Because your builders will do the hard work for you, you must know the progress of their work or what’s going on with your property.


It’s just fitting that your builders know excellent customer service. They should be responsive in answering your queries and keep you up to date on everything. If they’re not, it’s a sign that you’ve hired the wrong builder.


Avoids answering questions.

If you ask your building rectification contractor a question and they avoid it or give you a vague answer, that’s not a good sign.


They should be able to answer your questions directly and honestly. If they don’t, it means they’re hiding something from you.


I Have Issues With My Building Rectification Contractor. Now What?

If you’ve noticed the signs and you have the chance to run away, do it!


But if you’re already in the middle of the project and can’t leave, here’s what you should do:


Restate what’s in the contract.

Remind your contractor of their obligations.


Tell them directly if they’re not meeting their end of the bargain. Show your builders the contract and point out where they’re falling short.


Be understanding.

Your building rectification contractor may juggle working with many clients.


It’s not wrong for a contractor to do it, as it’s a good sign. It means that many customers trust them. Be understanding but firm. Let them know you’re willing to work with them, but they need to meet their obligations.


Communicate via email or text.

Verbal communication is good, but written communication is better.


Do it in writing whenever you need to communicate with your contractor. This way, you have a paper trail of everything that’s been said and done. If there are any issues in the future, you can refer back to your communication history.


Ask them about the plan.

If your contractor is falling behind schedule, ask them about their plan.


They should give you a realistic and achievable timeline of when they can catch up. If the builders can’t, it’s a sign that they’re not capable of finishing the job on time.


Hire a new building rectification contractor.

If you’ve tried all of the above and your contractor still doesn’t deliver, it’s time to hire a new one.


Get recommendations from friends or family who have recently had building work done. Don’t just rely on online reviews, as they can be easy to fake. Interview them and make sure that they are insured and licensed.


If you want to know the guidelines on choosing your builders, read How to Choose the Best Home Renovation Builders in Sydney.


You may call us for more inquiries. Or, if you need a new building rectification contractor with a license, insurance, and proven experience, request a quote now!


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