Building Renovations: 3 Considerations Before Hiring a Contractor

Building renovations are huge projects that cost a serious amount of money. Understandably, you want to ensure you hire the right contractor who renders smooth-flowing services and transactions.


We understand your need to feel at ease. It is the main reason you want a trustworthy contractor to be on this job. After all, you do not want future surprises to pop up that will cost you time and money.


However, besides knowing the right skills and characteristics your builders should have, there are a few considerations to think of first. These considerations ensure that your building renovation project will have a smooth-flowing process and be free from unpleasant future issues.



3 Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Local Contractor

These considerations are not the only ones to think about before hiring a contractor. However, the following are among the ones that most property owners tend to overlook.


Before hiring contractor, ask yourself these questions.



Do You Need a Permit for Renovations?

Find out the permits you need to apply for if you have plans for building renovations. It is better to delay your renovation project for a few weeks to get the necessary permits than to pay a hefty fine for illegally carrying out building upgrades.


Building permits are the most basic requirements. These permits ensure that your building is in a suitable condition to renovate and will not jeopardise the health and safety of those around you. Planning permits are also a requirement, which you can also get from the local council. 


You will get these permits from the Council Building Surveyors. This organisation’s job is to inspect your site to ensure that your building adheres to the Building Code of Australia.


After getting them, it is necessary to display these permits on site and forward them to your local council.



Is Renovating Better Than Building New?

Building renovations are generally cheaper than building new. However, depending on the status and goals you want to achieve, creating a new building can end up being the better option. 


building renovations are a good choice if you have a limited budget and want to complete the project fast. It is also good for historical/older buildings, as it preserves the character of the site.


Building new can be a better option if you want more control over your property’s aesthetics and layout. There will be fewer chances of encountering issues regarding your building conditions.


Building a new structure from scratch is more expensive but a better choice if you have changed your brand, need to reinvent your image, and start expressing it from your building’s design.  



How Much Do Building Renovations Near You Cost?

COVID-19 may still be around, but many Australians aren’t letting it stop them from upgrading their home. They know that building renovations can provide them with these benefits:


  1. Tax Benefits

With EOFY, you can take this opportunity to get tax benefits in renovating your property. 

Based on the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) data, almost 50% of the renovations in the country are between $40,000 to $300,000. The rate per hour is $50 to $65. That is if you want a total makeover for your building.


These prices are only estimates. The cost varies depending on the contractor’s service fees or other requirements. Sometimes, the value of your property is also a consideration because many builders use it as a basis to determine the renovation price.


To get rough estimates on how much you have to spend for your building’s renovation, identify all the work you want to do to your property. After that, talk to the contractors near you and compare their offers.


  1. Stimulus Package

If you are a business owner entitled to a stimulus package, you can use it for your building renovations. It will improve your business morale and reputation.




Before jumping on to a renovation project, you must know the considerations to ensure a smooth-flowing process. To make it possible, you should:

  • Obtain the correct permits.
  • Identify the construction services you want.
  • Determine how much money you need for the renovation.


If you have trouble deciding the best construction service for your building, knowing the proper permits to apply for, or budgeting the estimated costs for your project, call us. We are more than happy to answer your questions about the building renovations you want for your property. You may also want to learn the 4 ways to find the best home renovation company in Sydney.  

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