5 Considerations for a California Bungalow Renovation and Extension

California bungalows were a popular architectural style from the early 1900s to the 1980s. With their distinctive sloping roofs, wide eaves, and open floor plans, Australians have always appreciated their beauty and unique charm. 


Because of this, it’s not surprising that homeowners seek a California bungalow renovation to maintain and modernise their living space while maintaining its unique charm. 


5 Considerations for a California Bungalow Renovation and Extension


There are many factors to consider if you want to consider a California bungalow and extension. 

  • Preserve the facade
  • Make them coherent
  • Maintain your bungalow’s unique charm
  • Balance the heritage characteristics with the contemporary ones
  • Choose the right colours


Preserve the facade.


The key factor to preserving your California bungalow’s unique charm and character is to maintain its facade, so if you want to add any customisations, add them at the rear of your home. A popular extension option is adding space for a second storey or a larger dining area. Doing this lets you maintain the home’s original design while levelling up its function.


Make them coherent.


Coherence is another way to maintain your California bungalow’s unique charm and character. To do this, ensure that the customisations and new elements you want to incorporate through the renovation will complement the rest of your home’s features. If you successfully achieve this, it will enhance the beauty and value of your house. 


Maintain your bungalow’s unique charm.


Preserving the history and unique appeal of the California bungalow is critical. While adding customisations can be tempting, remember to be mindful of the beauty in the story the bungalow tells.


You may add the customisations you want, but be mindful not to destroy your home’s heritage and unique character. 


Balance the heritage characteristics with the contemporary ones.


For a successful California bungalow renovation, balance the heritage characteristics with the contemporary ones. You can achieve balance by incorporating modern elements into the rear part of the home while maintaining the classic design at the front. It will allow you to modernise without sacrificing its natural character.


Choose the right colours.


Choose the right colours and textures when renovating or extending a California bungalow. 


Monochromatic or classic colours are common colour palettes for a California bungalow, but you can add depth and interest by adding tiles, bricks, or stones. You may also use warm, earthy tones to complement the house’s surroundings and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.


Using contrasting colours is the key to highlighting design elements, such as the front door or window frames. For the materials, durability and coherence are crucial considerations. 


You can renovate your California bungalow by choosing the right colours to make it more visually appealing and functional.



Your California bungalow renovation can be a rewarding experience. It allows you to modernise your home while maintaining its classic beauty. To ensure success, be mindful of what you will incorporate into your bungalow and be careful not to destroy its natural charm.  


Also, work with an experienced builder to help make your plans a reality. 


MKJ Projects have over a decade of experience in renovation, extension, and restoration. As a member of prestigious organisations, we provide a high level of expertise to every project. 


If you’re looking for a California bungalow renovation, contact us today for a free quote.


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