6 Important Considerations When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company in Perth

According to the Housing Industry Association (HIA), Perth is one of the most affordable places to buy a property because of its declining price in the past four years. It also means that it is an excellent opportunity for commercial construction in this area.


However, seeking commercial construction upgrades still requires a large amount of investment, even in Perth. You might risk spending more if you are not careful in choosing the construction company to hire. It would be best to find a contractor who only wants the best for your property.



Commercial Construction: Who Is the Best Builder in Perth

Because of the pandemic, every nation’s economy is unstable. Even if now is the best time for a commercial construction upgrade in Perth, you need to consider the following when choosing someone to work on your property.


Here is what to look for when hiring a contractor:


Ethical Behaviour

Check how they treat their subcontractors. Find out if they pay their employees on time. 


If their employees are not happy, it will affect their work. Besides that, this unethical behaviour reflects on the way they will do their transactions with you.


License and Registration

It is tempting to hire anyone who knows how to use a hammer and saw, especially if they offer their services at a low price. Do not jeopardise your investment. Find out if the builder you are eyeing to work with is a registered builder in Australia.


Shows Interest in Your Business

Commercial construction involves different kinds of businesses. Thus, every structure has unique and diverse needs. It is a good sign if a builder shows interest in your business and brand. 


Knowing your business details will help them determine the work they have to do in your commercial building.


Different contractors in Perth have their way of identifying what is considered commercial construction and what is not. It commonly


includes the following:


  • Office Buildings
  • Malls and Retail Stores
  • Lodging Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturing Structures
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Sports Facilities


Because of the broad scope of commercial construction, each have different requirements and needs. For example, construction companies in Perth need to determine the specific requirements of office buildings. 


Commonly, large office buildings contain more than just rooms for departments and offices. Others have gyms, salons, restaurants, and other amenities.


For restaurants, commercial construction companies need to pay closer attention to safety, especially in the kitchen area. They also have to develop a structure with architecture that will be attractive and welcoming to the customers.


Lodging facilities, especially luxury hotels, need more complicated and thorough work. It includes working on electrical wirings and plumbings to ensure the utilities are well-distributed in each room. The rooms’ aesthetics and ambience are also essential considerations.


(Also see: Why Are General Commercial Contractors Important?)


Suppose the contractors show no interest in the business you do; this is a red flag. It is a sign that the contractors provide a cookie-cutter approach, disregarding your business’s and property’s specific requirements.


Current Commitments

Check out if they have current projects or without any clients. 


If the contractors have them, find out how they deal with them. If they do not have any, find out the reason why they do not have one.


Previous Experience

It is best to hire a contractor who has been in the business for years. Check their case studies, websites, and previous clients. 


The company’s history also tells a lot about its reputation. Hire the one with an already established reputation in the industry or has already been around for years.


Customer Reviews

Check if they have repeat clients. It is best to learn the recommendations of people you know. 


Ask their past clients what it is like to work with them. Are they true to their words? Are they professional? Do they always keep you updated about the work they do on your property?


Also, ask about the builders’ transparency, including how they price their fees and services. Ask if they add hidden charges or not.



This pandemic has given everyone a difficult time, but it does not stop real property investments and constructions from flourishing. Even though it is the best time to invest or do commercial construction upgrades in Perth, be careful about who you are dealing with.


Hire a builder who works with you and helps you make your plans happen. They should have a good history and reputation and be ethical, transparent, and determined to help you bring your goals into shape.


If you are looking for a contractor that has all these signs, contact us for more info. 

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