5 Best Questions To Ask Your Commercial Fit-out Contractor


How long have you been doing fit-outs? Can I provide my own design? These are just a few questions that you should ask your commercial fit-out contractor. But before we dive into these questions, let us answer the most basic first.


Are fit-outs the same as refurbishments?


A fit-out is not the same as remodelling a space; they are actually two different entities. A fit-out is for new office space, while a refurbishment is for your current office.


The word ‘fit out’ is a construction term often used to describe the process of making the interior space of a building ready for occupation. A fit-out includes interior walls, plastering, electrical, flooring, decoration, lighting, mechanical installations, furnishings, and any other improvements made to the interior of a project.


A commercial fit-out can bring many benefits; from branding and culture to having a cost-effective workplace. To achieve this, make sure to hire a commercial fit-out contractor.


One of the first steps when planning is to look for the right commercial fit-out contractor. They will provide you with the best solutions, timetable, and a comprehensive cost estimate, giving you a more definite vision of what to expect during the fit-out process.


Thus, asking the right questions will lead you to the right people to work with. You will avoid potential problems in the future, and you can ensure that your investment is in the right hands.


Most Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial Fit-out Contractor

  • How long have you been in the business?
  • Do you have a license and insurance?
  • Do you have a designer?
  • Do you have a payment schedule?
  • Can you provide examples from your previous projects?

How long have you been in the business?


Knowing how long they have been in the industry gives you an idea of how established they are. The longer they have been, the better. This indicates that the commercial fit-out contractor has the experience to perform your fit-out efficiently and adequately.


Do you have a license and insurance?


This seems pretty obvious, but this is very important. The fit-out business you pick should have appropriate certification, training, and insurance in place to guarantee that everything runs smoothly. 


To protect yourself from substandard quality and unsafe on-site circumstances, make sure the contractor you hire is licensed, bonded, and insured. Don’t be afraid to ask to view your contractor’s license and evidence of insurance.


Do you have a designer?


The best approach to avoid miscommunications is to choose the same integrated partner for both design and construction. An integrated delivery model is the most effective solution for you if you have a short turnaround time or a limited budget to consider.


Do you have a payment schedule?


Commercial fit-outs can be costly, and since you are investing for the future of your business, you have to be smart about your expenditures. Before any work on your project begins, you must know how much you will be charged. Any reputable firm will offer a detailed estimate of the expenses involved in completing the fit-out.


Be careful of any contractor that omits expenditures from the final price to reduce the quote. Also, never pay in total for a project upfront. Start with a down payment, then make progress payments, and then make the full payment.


(See post: Complete Guide to a Fixed-Price Tender)


Can you provide samples from your previous projects?


Word of mouth and referrals are great; however, just because a former client said the work was excellent doesn’t guarantee it would meet your vision. Most commercial fit-out contractors have a portfolio that they can share with you.


You can also request to visit one of their projects to have a closer look and idea of the quality of their work. It is essential to also look for similar projects to yours as it will help you feel more confident that your expectations will be met. Choose a fit-out contractor that has experience with projects comparable to yours.



Final Words


There are hundreds of contractors in Australia, and rushing to make decisions that will affect your investment will cost you more money than anticipated. It is vital to select the best commercial fit-out contractor. Keep your options open and talk to several candidates. And most importantly, do not compromise the quality of your project to save money. #fitoutplans #commercialfitout #MKJProjects #contractorsaustralia




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