Deck Inspection: A Necessity for Quality and Safety

“Why is a deck inspection important?”


The deck is one of the most overlooked parts of a house. It’s an area that people seldom think about because it’s not as important as the inside and doesn’t get much traffic because it’s outdoors.


But decks are just as necessary for quality and safety as any other part of your home! A deck inspection from time to time can keep you from being surprised by major problems later on down the line.


Why Should You Place High Importance on Your Deck?

Although it is easy to ignore the repair or renovation of your deck, this area can be dangerous if it falls apart. It might cause accidents that can jeopardise the safety or even the life of your family members.


Decks can collapse even though they are made of sturdy materials and not frequented by people. Many factors can affect its stability and condition, which are the following:



Insects are a common enemy of decks. Termites, in particular, can quickly destroy the wood if left unchecked. They can eat through the decking and framing, compromising the deck’s structure.



Rainfall can be a significant factor in the destruction of your deck. Not only does it cause the wood to become wet and warped, but it can also cause rust on metal fittings.


It also provides an inducing environment for moulds and algae to grow.


Heavy Loads

Decks are not meant to withstand heavy loads. If too many people or things are placed on it, the deck can collapse.


Old Age

Age is one of the significant factors that can contribute to the destruction of a deck. The wood becomes weak and warped over time because of the changing weather, causing the boards to become loose.


Loose boards might lead to the slow deterioration or rot of your deck. It is also vulnerable to insects like termites, which can eat through the wood quickly.


When Should You Conduct a Deck Inspection?

Annual deck inspection is suggested, especially if it’s 10 years old and above. If you have the money, ask a professional deck inspector to do it for you.


You may check the deck yourself, but a professional will do the inspection more thoroughly. Also, inspectors can provide a detailed deck inspection report. They have the eye to undermine the issues that you might miss, which might cause future problems.


Deck inspectors typically look at the signs of the following:



Inspectors will check every metal part of your deck, including the screws, brackets, and bolts.



Inspectors will check the beams and posts for any signs of decay.



Fittings connecting the handrails and balustrades shouldn’t be wobbly.


Deck’s Underside

There might be lurking issues out of sight. The most common are water and foundation issues and lack of ventilation.


Height and Spacing

The height and spacing of your balustrades should be safe enough for the family, especially for young children.



The inspectors will check if the deck needs renovation, especially if it is old. An old deck that doesn’t meet modern safety standards needs to be renovated.


After a deck inspector hands out the detailed inspection report to you, contact a trusted builder to help repair the issues.


What Can You Do to Preserve the Quality of Your Deck 

Nothing lasts a lifetime, and it includes your deck. What you can only do is preserve its quality for as long as possible. Here are some of the measures you can do:


Apply a waterproofing sealant and proper drainage.

To prevent damage from rainfall, make sure to keep it well-sealed and protected. Regularly apply a waterproofing sealant to the wood, and install gutter systems to divert the water from the deck.


Oil-based paint is also a better choice than a water-based one.


Be aware of the weight limit of your deck.

Carrying a heavy load is a significant contributor to the deterioration of a deck. Do not overload your deck by placing too much traffic or things on it.


A heavy load may cause your deck to collapse and bring injuries or even death. It is important to be aware of the weight limit of your deck and not to exceed it.


Spray pesticide or contact a termite exterminator

Contact a termite company to make an appointment. They will come and spray around your deck and even the wooden parts of your home to stop any possible termites from getting in.


Termites can cause a lot of damage if left untreated. That is why you must give a termite exterminator a call if you suspect a termite infestation in your home.


Do not ignore the mild issues.

Even if the issues seem minor, do ignore them as they can lead to greater problems in the future.


For example, if a deck is starting to show signs of decay, it might be a good idea to have it repaired before it becomes a bigger issue.


By ignoring the problem, you are only putting yourself at risk and wasting money in the long run.



Getting annual deck inspections is important as external forces can damage a deck’s quality, such as rainfall, insects, corrosion, and weight load. It is advisable to have it checked by a professional deck inspector and receive a detailed result to give out to your builders for the repair.


A professional deck inspector will check every part of the deck, such as the age, loose fittings, height and spacing of the balustrade, and other possible underlying issues.


Contact your builder immediately after getting a detailed result from a professional deck inspector or if you see a problem in your deck. Contact MKJ Projects now!

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