Empty Nesters House Plans: 6 Best Tips on How to Renovate

It’s hard to let go of your old home, especially if you’ve made memories with your loved ones. But you understand that you need to create some empty nesters house plans at some point to accommodate your changing needs.


After all, children grow up and move out of the house. There’ll be no use for swimming pools, kiddie playgrounds, or spare rooms. Your physical strength won’t be able to bear the demands of running up and down the stairs.


Creating some empty nesters house plans is crucial to prepare for the future or help your ageing parents live comfortably in their house.


If you have plans to renovate your home to accommodate your changing needs. There is some information you need to learn.


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Considerations For an Empty Nester Home Renovation

Creating empty nesters house plans is vital before the renovation. You don’t want to miss a single detail and waste your money. Because of this, know how you can make your house suitable to the lifestyle you want by considering the following.



One of the things you must consider is your family. How empty nesters want their house to become will depend on if they still have children living at home or not. If there are kids or grandkids left in the home, amenities like bedrooms, bathrooms and play areas need to be considered.


But what about empty nesters who don’t have kids living at home anymore? Some empty-nesters want to keep their house like they were still raising their children. Others would love to transform their home into an open plan that is easy to clean, maintain, and move around.



Another thing you’ll need to consider for empty nesters house plans is accessibility. It means that your renovation should be wheelchair-friendly.


You should consider installing other senior-friendly features, such as no-step entries, lever door handles, easy-to-reach light switches and electrical outlets, large walk-in showers and grab bars in the bathroom.


Empty Nesters House Plans Ideas

Now that you know that there will be massive changes that you have to make to your old home. You need to decide what you want to change.


What Do Empty Nesters Want in a House?


Outdoor and Indoor Living Space

Even though most empty-nesters would be living by themselves, it does not mean that they will live like a hermit.


Most of the time, empty nesters treasure relationships more at this stage. That’s why they still want a welcoming outdoor and indoor living space to accommodate visitors and also their children when they’re dropping a visit.


Long-Term Investment

Having empty nesters house plans that can accommodate their changing needs in the future is a good idea. Even if it’s the case, they still don’t want to compromise the value of their home.


They still want their home to be sellable in the future. That is why they still want their home to be both stylish and functional.


Home Office

Another thing empty nesters would love with their home is an office. Many empty nesters still enjoy working. And because of their physical limitations, it will be more practical for them to work at home to avoid the stress of commuting or driving from one place to another.


One-Storey Open Plan Home

Having a one-storey empty nester home is the best idea to make your renovation easy and more affordable. This design allows empty nesters to move around quickly without too many steps.


However, it doesn’t mean that empty nesters won’t have a second floor. Getting another floor is also a good idea if they always have overnight guests or visiting family members.


Pet-Friendly Amenities

Even though empty-nesters’ children have already moved out, it doesn’t mean they will have to live alone. Often, empty-nesters get pets to accompany them.


If you have a pet now, you should also consider their needs when renovating. One example is adding a pet flap on the door.


More Lights

One of the primary considerations for making empty nesters house plans is to have more lights in the house. Most of them may have poor eyesight, and having a brighter room will give them a better view of their stuff at home.


Having more lights at home will also give their house an inviting atmosphere that will make them happy. However, you should invest in energy-saving lights to save money in the long run.



Empty nesters house plans should be designed to accommodate their present and future needs. Although it would be hard to let go of some areas in our home, we must remember that change is good.


If you want help with the planning and renovations to your home that will fit your lifestyle, contact MKJ today!


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