Ultimate Guide on Adding Extensions to Houses for a Practical Lifestyle

Have you ever wished for more space in your house? Do you want a separate office to keep you focused and motivated?


You’re not alone. Many people feel the same way and often consider adding an extension to their property. But before taking on this project, know all the ins and outs of it first. This guide will give you everything you need to know about adding an extension to your home.


By the end, you’ll be able to decide whether this is the right move for you and your family.


Why Should You Consider Adding an Extension to Your Home?


Adding an extension to your home is an excellent way to meet the needs of a growing family. If having children or grandchildren means you need an extra bedroom, an extension is one way to provide additional space and accommodation.


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If you work from home, an extra office can be beneficial. It will help you stay focused and motivated, and your mind will associate the bedroom with sleep again, helping you gain more restful nights.


Extra bathrooms are a popular option in most family households, especially those with big families, because it saves time. All your family members will thank you for it, as they don’t have to queue up or fight each other to the death about who will make it on the toilet throne. 


One bonus reason is you can use the space for relaxation or entertainment for guests or family members. 


Overall, extensions are a great way to add functionality and comfort to your home.


Home Extension Ideas to Choose From


When it comes to extensions, your possibilities are endless. Make the most out of them and enhance your living experience. 


Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Music room
  • Greenhouse/sunroom
  • Wine cellar
  • Home office
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom


Music room

This room is excellent for music enthusiasts looking to perfect their skills. With soundproofing, you can rock your heart out without bothering your family members and neighbours. 



It is best for people with a green thumb wanting a secluded part of the house to tend their plants and flowers. It will also provide a sanctuary where you can breathe fresh air while destressing after a long day’s work by tending to your plants. 


Wine cellar

A wine cellar can be a good investment if you are a wine collector or want a perfect place to age your wine. 


Home office

Home offices are becoming increasingly popular as more people opt for remote working arrangements or freelance opportunities.


Bedrooms and bathrooms

Bedrooms and bathrooms can provide your family extra privacy, so everyone has some personal space to call their own. 


Is Your House Eligible for an Extension?


Before beginning any planning for an extension:

  1. Assess your property to see if you have a suitable space to accommodate the project you want. 
  2. Learn the restrictions in your area regarding house extensions.
  3. Consult a builder or architect about this, and learn the best possible location for a new addition to your house. 


What Will You Need for a House Extension?


The first step is to check the local building requirements, which vary significantly between council areas. Many types of work will require a permit, including renovations and extensions. Make sure you obtain this before starting the project.


Depending on the type of work, various permits are required to obtain planning permission—research which types apply to your specific project. If you need to know what’s required, consult your local builder or architect to help you determine all the requirements.


How Much Will It Cost You to Add an Extension to Your Property?


Several factors will determine how much a house extension will cost. It is possible to give a definitive figure if you know the project’s specifics. But commonly, the price is around $2000 to $4000 per square metre. The cost varies due to several factors, such as the project’s complexity, labour, type of materials, and other requirements. 


Installing a basic bathroom could cost $10000 to $30000, while creating a laundry area may be anything from $5000 to $20000.


Depending on design and fittings, a fully fitted kitchen may require anywhere between $10000 and $40000.


How to Save Money on a House Extension?


If you need more space or money for a house extension, you may convert an existing space into a functional one. Here are a few examples of a common extra space you have within your house:

  • Garage
  • Attic
  • Shed
  • Deck
  • Walk-in closet


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How to Choose the Right Contractor for the Job?


Choose the right contractor for any construction-related project. It takes an experienced eye to understand a job’s intricacies, and selecting a reliable and knowledgeable contractor is vital. Begin by getting multiple quotes- consider the price and quality when deciding.


The contractor’s portfolio is worth considering, as well as their references and reviews from other customers.


Ensure the contractor is insured and pays their employees on time. It is an essential consideration as it reflects their values on how they treat their customers. They should have clear communication lines, so you can reach them easily if you have questions or want to know updates on the project. 


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