The Ultimate Guide to a Heritage Home Restoration

Do you own a heritage home and want to restore your property to its former glory? It’s an excellent idea, but it requires thorough planning and preparation. Without proper guidance and knowledge, your heritage home restoration could cost you more money than necessary. 


But you don’t have to do it blindly. 


Armed with knowledge and information, you can have a heritage home restoration that will preserve your property’s historical and architectural value while making it comfortable for modern living. 


Dos and Don’ts of Heritage Home Restoration


Before starting your heritage home restoration project, here are some dos and don’ts to remember.



  • Research
  • Hire an experienced builder
  • Preserve the original design
  • Consider the thermal performance
  • Have a contingency fund




Before starting your renovation, research the home’s history and architectural style. It will help you make informed decisions and guide you through the renovation process. It’s advisable to check with a local council or heritage authority to ensure you’re not breaking any restrictions and rules when you restore your home.


Hire an experienced builder.


Hire an experienced builder with a reputation for high-quality work in heritage home restoration. Heritage projects require specialised skills and knowledge. Letting just anyone work on them can turn into a disaster, costing you more money and potentially your house.


Preserve the original design.


One of the primary considerations in a heritage home restoration is to ensure that you maintain the property’s unique beauty and character. Exterior alterations must preserve or enhance the original elements, and the painting must base on the original colour scheme.


Consider thermal performance.


The problem with most heritage properties is their poor thermal system. Because of this, consider allocating a budget to fix this problem through proper insulation or ventilation.


Have a contingency fund.


Unpleasant happenings can happen anytime without signs or warnings, which can cause your heritage home restoration costs to blow up. Having a contingency fund ensures you’re financially prepared for any unforeseen issues.



  • Make irreversible changes
  • Underestimate the cost
  • Rush the project
  • Do it yourself
  • Compromise the quality


Don’t make irreversible changes.


Any changes you want to make to your property must be coherent with the home’s design and ensure you follow your local guidelines regarding heritage home restoration. Refrain from making irreversible changes, especially if you’re in doubt that they can affect the historical or architectural value of the home.


Don’t underestimate the costs.


Compared to regular renovations, a heritage home restoration can be expensive, and the cost can even blow up in the process. Because of this, expect these possibilities and be prepared by making an estimation, planning your budget and financing, and having a contingency fund. 


Don’t rush the project.


Renovating a heritage home can be time-consuming, and it’s tempting to ask your builders to speed up the project. But it will cause more harm than good, creating costly mistakes that will disappoint you more. It will help if you plan your renovation and be reasonable about your timeline expectations. 


Avoid doing it yourself.


Unless you’re professional and have experience restoring a heritage or an old property, don’t attempt to do the restoration yourself. A heritage home restoration is more demanding. You’ll need to know the local requirements and have the right skills to remove harmful substances, such as asbestos.  


Don’t compromise the quality.


A heritage home restoration is an investment. Compromising quality can affect the house’s value and even make you feel disappointed. Because of this, it’s crucial to plan the project 

thoroughly and work with experienced contractors to ensure the construction is done to a high standard.




Heritage home restoration requires careful planning, knowledge, and expertise. By knowing these dos and don’ts, the project will be a success. 


Work with a partner you can trust on a heritage home restoration project to ensure it happens smoothly. Contact MKJ Projects today. Let’s discuss your plans, and we will turn your heritage home into a comfortable and beautiful space for modern living.


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