Expert Victorian Heritage Restoration in Sydney

Blend yesteryear's charm with today's comfort in your heritage house restoration in Sydney 

Authentic Heritage Restoration Sydney:
A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Timeless elegance, reinvented with cutting-edge design

Safe Removal of
Outdated Materials

We effectively remove harmful substances, such as asbestos and lead, ensuring your heritage home is safe, sound, and environmentally friendly.

Keeping Old Charm

We add modern comforts to your home, but we keep the lovely old features that make it special.

Top-Notch Workmanship

Our house restoration in Australia guarantees a home that's built to last and can weather any storm.

Your Heritage House Restoration in Sydney Is Not Just a Job for Us. It's Our Passion.

We understand that your old house has a story. It has seen many years and has a lot of character.

We respect that. We take time to listen to what your house needs. Then, we restore it, while adding all the modern features you want. MKJ is the expert in heritage restoration Sydney homeowners trust.

Your Old Heritage House Needs the Right Team to Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Mixing old charm and new comforts needs someone who knows what they’re doing.
You want a modern home but don’t want to lose those lovely old features.
The government has rules about changing old homes. We help you follow them.
You need a team who will work fast and respond quickly to your needs.
Combining old-fashioned looks with new features can be tricky.
A Heritage Restoration Sydney Project Deserves More Than Just a Good Builder, You Need the Best!

Restore your home with a trusted partner on your project

Entrust Your Old or Heritage Home Restoration to Proven Skills and Expertise
Held to the highest standards within the industry and are bound by a code of conduct.
Completed Thousands of Projects and Renovations.
13+ Years of Experience.
NSW Fair Trading Builders License Holder.
Large Professional Team.
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Testimonials from some of our clients

Expert Victorian Heritage Restoration in Sydney

Expert Heritage Restoration Sydney for Victorian Heritage
After helping clients build their dream renovation for over 13 years I understand the frustrations experienced. I've heard the terrible stories of renovations not completed and them being left wondering what's happening on their job because no one got back to them. I vow that will never happen with MKJ Projects. Your renovation will be completed and you will always know where your job is at.



MKJ Projects

Follow These Steps to Build a Home That Will Stand Strong for Years to Come

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Request A Quote

Click the ‘Request a Quote’ button to set a time and date for us to discuss your renovation needs.
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Site Meeting

We discuss your renovation and put together a plan to ensure you get the remodelling you want.
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Monitor The Progress

A personal project manager will be assigned to you to guide and communicate with you throughout the renovation.

Bring Back the Beauty of Your Old Home and Impress Your Guests

Bring Back the Beauty

Make your house look as beautiful as it once did.Bring Back the Beauty: Make your house look as beautiful as it once did.

Get a Good Return

Sell your home for the price you want.

Preserving Authenticity

Keeping the original, charming elements of your home intact is part of our approach, enhancing the value and aesthetics of your heritage property.

Enjoy Modern Features

Your old house can have all the comforts of a new one.

When You Restore Your Building, You Bring Back Its Old Beauty While Adding New Features.

Enjoy living in a unique, historic house that’s also comfortable and safe.
Victorian and heritage building restoration
Restore Your Home's Timeless Charm

Don't Let the Wrong Choices Put Your Old House Restoration at Risk

You need a builder who knows how to keep your home's old charm while making it safe and comfortable.

Our Team Offers a Wide Range of Heritage House Restoration Services in Australia


At MKJ, we’re not just restoring a house; we’re breathing new life into pieces of Australian history. We uphold authentic charm while weaving in modern comforts.
Absolutely! We specialize in various styles, including Victorian, Georgian, and Edwardian homes. Every heritage restoration in Sydney we undertake is a journey to bring back the timeless elegance of these styles.
Our commitment to quality is uncompromised. From sourcing materials to preserving heritage features, every step receives our unwavering attention to detail.
Every project is unique, and the duration will depend on the property’s size, the extent of restoration required, and other factors. Our team will provide a timeline after assessing the house.
Just as every house tells a different story, the cost of each house restoration in Australia will vary. The price is influenced by several factors including the property’s condition, the extent of restoration work, and specific client requirements.
Preserving the historical charm while infusing modern functionalities is at the heart of our work. We understand the balance needed for successful heritage restoration in Sydney, maintaining the character while ensuring the home meets current living standards.
Yes. We are aware on the regulatory aspects related to heritage properties, ensuring the restoration complies with all regulations.
It depends on the extent of work required. In some cases, you might need to vacate your home temporarily for safety reasons. This will be discussed upfront.
Absolutely. We stand behind our workmanship and offer a guarantee on all our heritage restoration Sydney services.
Certainly. We are skilled at subtly integrating modern amenities into heritage homes without compromising their original character. We ensure your home boasts the best of both worlds.

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