8 Excellent Home Renovation Trends: Modernise Your Home

The home is a primary investment in most of our lives.


It’s important to know the home renovation trends to help modernise your home and keep up with the current life demands.


Modern Home Renovation Trends

What is trending in home improvement nowadays? Here are the modern home renovation trends that you can incorporate.


Guest Bedrooms

One of the home renovation trends you can incorporate is having a guest bedroom. Nowadays, people want to provide extra space in a guest room to accommodate amenities like coffee bars, entertainment, or luxury relaxing bathrooms. These additions are essentials if you want your guest to have a comfortable stay while in your home.


Luxury Relaxing Bathrooms

Another home renovation trend would be luxurious and relaxing bathrooms. It provides a place to have some alone time and space for you to think.


Nowadays, many people invest in luxurious installations, such as marbles, quartz, or granites. They aim to upgrade the look of their bathroom using these luxurious materials.


After all, the pandemic has motivated the people to create a sanctuary where they can feel at peace. Creating a luxurious bathroom with a spa-like atmosphere can give them what they want.



The landscape is a home improvement that you can do that has never been out of the trend. It’s not surprising as landscapes can tremendously enhance the exterior looks. Seeing a beautiful landscape also provides a feeling of relaxation, which is what most people need nowadays.


Kitchen Renovation

Another home renovation trend that is on the rise is kitchen renovation. People are renovating their kitchens to make them more accommodating for various tasks. The kitchen has become the new entertainment and gathering place in most homes. It’s not just a functional space for cooking but an aesthetic part of the home.


Outdoor Living Space

The addition of patios, decks, or terraces is an excellent idea for an outdoor living space. These outside living areas are versatile because a family can use them to have a place to chat or dine al fresco style.


It’s not surprising if more and more people are making this home renovation trend as they want to enjoy the great outdoors while in their homes.


Living Room Renovation

One of the home renovation trends you may not have considered is changing up your living room. One trend is that people are making their living rooms cozier by adding a fireplace or a nook with pillows.


This home renovation trend gives homeowners and guests a space to relax and spend some quality time with family and friends.


Glass Installation

Glass walls and glass sliding doors are incredibly trendy because they provide an easy way for homeowners or developers to give their homes a modern look.


This latest trend gives a home a different view and a spacious feel, making it more attractive.


Open Plan Living

Open plan living is slowly becoming a home renovation trend.


Open plan living means that homeowners would want to get rid of their walls to create an open space where different functions can be done. This type of renovation gives the home a modern and sleek look.


It also allows for better communication among family members as there are no barriers between them anymore.



Following the home renovation trends is not just about home improvement. It is also an investment that allows homeowners to add value to their homes.


Homeowners need to be updated on the current home renovation trends to keep up with life demands. A little bit of research goes a long way.


If you’re planning to renovate and modernise your home, talk to us. Contact MKJ Project today for more information.


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