Key Differences Between Home Renovations and Extensions

There is a big difference between home renovations and extensions. However, both need a builder’s services and require careful planning of the materials, layout, and the final result.


The cost for renovations and extensions varies due to different variables, but both usually come with a large price tag.


For this reason, a homeowner should pick a building company that provides the best result according to what the homeowner wants.


Home Renovations and Extensions



Home extensions are different from home renovations. A home extension aims to expand or to create an addition to a room. Many homeowners seek expansion services to accommodate the needs of a growing family. 


A home extension is typically more expensive than a home renovation, especially if the construction work requires an upward expansion or the expansion will occur on a sloped area.


On the other hand, a home renovation costs less, but the price still depends on how much work there is. Home renovations can be on a grand scale, from complete gutter replacement to extensive painting.


Home Renovations and Extensions: Which to Choose?


There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to renovate or extend. Whatever it is, before conducting a significant change and transformation to your house, you need to plan and evaluate different variables.


For example, if you have a tight budget, renovating can be a good idea. But if you have a growing family, adding more room is the best choice.


You also have to consider the pros and cons depending on your location or the layout of your house.


Home Renovation Pros and Cons


Home renovations can increase the property’s value and are generally cheaper than extensions, especially if you are doing something simple like repainting.


However, not all renovations are cheap. It still all depends on different variables. Depending on the services you desire, anything more than a basic renovation will start increasing that price tag.


Home Extension Pros and Cons


Like a home renovation, a home extension will increase your property’s value as it adds more space. However, keep in mind that the addition of a room will be costly.


Compared to buying a new home, extending your home can be a better option as it can be cheaper to buy a smaller home and build upon it when the need arises. Not only is this a quick way to increase property value, but it also allows for more flexibility with designs.


Yet, extending is generally more expensive than renovating, especially if you live in a sloped area or want to make an upward expansion. 


Besides the pros and cons, evaluate the space around your home. Even if you have the budget to expand, a house extension may not even be a viable option for your home if you don’t have the space around to extend.


How Much is the Cost to Extend or Renovate a House


As mentioned, the cost varies based on different variables, such as the space around your house, your home’s layout, the location, and the cost of materials to be used.


It is best to ask for a quote from different companies and compare the prices and services. Make sure to make the fees and estimates clear with your contractor and discuss the work in detail.





Planning is essential when deciding between home renovations and extensions. It requires determining and processing several requirements, such as your budget, contractors to hire, permits and other essentials. 


The cost is generally a key player for many people when deciding whether to renovate or to extend. Besides that, there are many variables to consider, such as the house’s layout, family needs, and the space around the house.


Therefore, when planning changes to your home, it is best to talk with a contractor to ensure that you get the best services you need, such as getting quality home renovations and extensions.




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