How long does a kitchen renovation take?

The quick answer is it depends. You most likely know why. The time frame depends on what kind of kitchen renovation job you ask the builders to do. But we know you would like to hear a different answer. 


You want to know the average or the time it will take for each task to get finished so you can determine the time frame. 


Average Time-Range a Kitchen Renovation Take


Each kitchen is different. There are big and small kitchens, and there are kitchens with more complicated designs than others. That’s why it’s a little hard to tell. But if you’re looking for numbers, it usually takes around three weeks to three months. 


It will take a while if you need significant fixes in your kitchen, not just a simple replacement of lights and worn-down cabinets. 


How long each renovation task will take


Again, you’ll hate our answer to this, “it depends on who you hire.” But if you want to know how long a builder usually takes to finish a task, here’s the list.


Kitchen clearing


Clearing the kitchen is where the old features are removed, such as the old flooring, wall paint or wallpapers, faucet, and rotten cabinet doors. It is the phase where the builders will prepare your kitchen for further renovation, such as sealing the water pipes and inspecting. Commonly, this process takes up to two days.




The builders usually fix the broken stuff in your kitchen at this time. They repair any wall and floor damage and also involves the removal of faulty pipes and wirings. This process usually takes up to two days. 


Utility system replacements


Depending on your plumbing or electrical system’s complexity, this process can take up to five days. If it needs repositioning because you want your sink or light switch somewhere else, the work will become more complicated, adding more work time. 


Cabinet creation


It can take up to 12 days, less or more, depending on how many cabinets you’d like to install in your kitchen. 


Plastering and painting


The whole process can last more than a week or less, depending on your kitchen size. First, your builders will fix any surface damage or install drywall to hide the pipes or anything you won’t like to be on show when you have a guest. They apply the plaster and wait for it to dry before painting with layers of coat.


Tiling and flooring


Tiling and flooring can take a week or less. The determiner of how long it will take is the material you’ll use for your kitchen’s flooring. For example, tiling will take longer if you want tiles or stone flooring because your builders will have to trim them into particular shapes to fit them into the edges or around a rounded structure or fixtures. 




The installation can take up to a week. It is the part where the kitchen renovation is about to finish. It’s where the tradespeople will install the cabinets and appliances and where they will test the electrical systems and plumbings. 




The inspection usually takes less than a day. It’s just a visit from an inspector to check if your utility systems adhere to your community’s local codes and regulations. 


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