How Much Do You Need to Build a Deck in Australia?

Knowing how much to build a deck in Australia will give you an insight if you want to have a new deck in your yard.


With this information, you can plan how much you can do to your deck. You can also decide if you can afford to be luxurious or settle for a simpler style.


Read on if you want to know how much it will cost to build a deck in Australia.


Factors to Know How Much to Build a Deck in Australia


Like any other renovations or construction services, there are a lot of variables affecting the price of building a deck, which are the following:


Choice of materials


There are different types of wood or materials you can use. If you opt to have treated pine wood for a deck, the price is around $165 per square metre. This material is one of the simplest ones.


However, treated pines commonly require frequent maintenance, which you should also consider in your long-term budget.


If you don’t like frequent maintenance, you can choose to have a composite deck that costs $175 to $400. This type is made from a mixture of plastic and fibre.




Ask for quotes from multiple reputable contractors and compare them.


Consider the intensity of work the contractors must deal with when building your deck. If they have to incorporate more services, such as the installation of water or electrical lines into it, the cost of labour will be higher.


Size of the deck


The larger the deck, the more expensive it is, as more materials and effort will be used to build it.


The average price per square metre is $200. You might have to spend around $3500 for a small deck or as much as $10,000 for a large one.




The location is also a factor that affects the price of building your deck. For example, it’s commonly $170 per square metre in Western Australia. But in Queensland, it’s $185 per square metre.




You’ll have to pay more if you prefer to have more than a standard design. For example, the cost will be higher if you want your deck to be built around a statue or a tree.


Considerations to Maximise Your Budget in Building a Deck


If you have plans to build a deck, it should include the money in your hand and the long-term gains and benefits. If you want to maximise the benefits and budget in building your deck, take the following considerations:


  • House’s resale value
  • Tax
  • Maintenance


House’s resale value


One of the most evident benefits of having a new deck is that it will increase the value of your home. Many home buyers love houses with a deck on them. Therefore, you will most likely get a high return on your investment.




If there’s any downside to deck installation, it is the possibility that it will increase your property tax. The price depends on your location and the deck’s value.




Depending on your deck, you’ll need to maintain it to keep it sturdy in the long run. As mentioned, wood decks, especially the ones made from timber pines, need more frequent maintenance than composite ones.



If we’re talking about how much value you’ll get in return for building a deck in your home, you’ll get a better return if you decide to pursue the construction.


A deck will increase your house’s value and improve your lifestyle because it can become a great place to hang out with your loved ones, which is priceless.


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