How to Renovate Your Bedroom to Turn It Into a Sanctuary

Are you constantly stressed? Do you feel like you always let it out on your family? Try renovating your bedroom.


You probably ask how renovating your bedroom becomes related to what you feel.


Although many factors can affect what stresses you out at home, having a poor bedroom design can be one. For example, if your bedroom is designed to be conducive to working, you might see yourself working instead of sleeping in your bedroom. It might also have a design that annoys you because it reminds you of the memories you want to forget.


How to Renovate Your Bedroom?


Your bedroom should be a place to rest, not an extension of a work area or family-related stress. You have enough of what’s going on outside your room. You deserve to have a go-to place where you can recharge.


Here’s how you can renovate your bedroom into a sanctuary.




It might be a cliche, but planning is a crucial step, as you don’t want the ugly renovation to cause you further stress. Plan the budget, colour, theme, or layout. Determine which to add and which to remove.


Be careful in choosing the colours. Even if it’s your room, it doesn’t mean that you should use any colour you want. It must still be coherent with the overall look of the house.


Add a balcony.


If your bedroom is adjacent to outside, consider a balcony. You can make this your personal space where you can have your morning coffee while sight-seeing what’s going on outside. Your patio also allows you to breathe fresh air and allow more natural light into the bedroom, beneficial for stress relief and relaxation.


Consider neutral colours.


A neutral palette is an excellent way to promote calmness and relaxation. Choose colours like whites, beiges, and light greys to create a soothing space. You may also want to avoid bright or bold colours, as they can be jarring and stressful.


Avoid red.


Although red can be a stimulating colour, it triggers stress. If you don’t like neutral, go for cool colours, green and blue. These colours are often associated with relaxation and can promote calmness in your bedroom.


Pay attention to your headboard.


If your headboard is boring, replace it with something more creative. There are many options available for headboards, so you can find one that matches your style and personality. Popular options include upholstered headboards, wooden headboards, or even fabric-covered headboards.


Think about the lighting.


Lighting is vital in any room, especially in the bedroom. Soft, diffused light can help promote relaxation, while bright light can be stimulating and stressful. Consider adding a dimmer switch to your bedroom to adjust the light level to suit your needs.


Renovate your bathroom.


If you have a personal bathroom inside your bedroom, make it more luxurious. It doesn’t have to be expensive – you can easily do it by making it brighter and installing a TV. Adding a little luxury can help you feel more relaxed and pampered in your own space, promoting better sleep and stress relief.


Create a gallery wall.


Create a gallery wall in your bedroom with a selection of personal photographs and travel souvenirs to remind you of happy memories. If you are into arts, you can use your wall to display your artworks, making you feel good about yourself.


Install a large mirror.


Install an oversized mirror to add more light and space to your bedroom. A big mirror can create the illusion of space and make your bedroom feel larger. It can also be a great way to check your outfit before heading out.


We understand that you might be working long hours in your day, causing you stress and tiredness. We know that you badly need a sanctuary where you can recharge.


Although you can do the renovation yourself, adding more stress into your life is the last thing you want. Hire a trusted building company that will do the hard work for you. If you hire a reputable builder, you will only have to sit back, relax, and wait till the renovation is done.


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