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When disaster strikes, you should be able to have a builder you can rely on not just to manage the work but also complete it within the scope of requirements laid out by the insurance company.


It’s important to have the right people on hand to help repair damage. MKJ Projects will be with your through all your insurance renovation and repairs.

Repairing a home or property after it's been damaged shouldn't be hard.

There is a lot to think about…

You don't want to risk your work on a builder who can not deliver or have the processes and systems in place.

Does it have to be completely rebuilt or can it be repaired?

Does the builder know how to work within your systems?

Can I rely on the builder to do it the way I want it?

The art of making something right

A dedicated project manager looks after every step of your process to ensure every job is carried out to the highest standard with limited disruption to the owner.

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What Are Home Insurance Repairs?

Reputable contractors work with insurance companies to ensure that the builders repair or rectify your disaster damaged property, such as from a hailstorm, cyclone, or fire for no cost at all. The extent of the coverage depends on what’s indicated in the policy.


The only additional cost is if the replacement materials are more expensive than the damaged ones. The insurance will cover the original costs, while the property owner will pay for any additions.

Why Work With a Building Company That Offers Home Insurance Repair Services?

Most building companies who offer their services at an unreasonably low price commonly do not provide insurance repair services. Although this offer is tempting, you’ll put your property and budget at risk once a calamity strikes.


If a calamity strikes and destroys your home, you’ll have to pay for all the services and materials needed to rebuild or repair your property.


However, if your building company provides home insurance repair services, you don’t have to worry about rectifying or repairing your property when disasters happen. Our builders work with insurance companies to have your damaged property covered.

Work with an expert Insurance Renovation and Rectification builder. Have your repairs completed without stress or worry.

It's time to make everything right again.

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