Latest Tapware Trends for Your Next Renovation

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with not following the latest tapware trends. As long as your tapware is functional, right?


Although you can still get on with your life with your old-fashioned tapware, you might want to consider getting onto the latest tapware trends, as they are more beneficial than you think.


For example, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the latest technology that new tapware offers. It will make your life easier. It also adds to the beauty of your home, making your house look more modern and sophisticated.


Because of this, you should consider replacing your taps in your next bathroom or kitchen renovation, especially if they already have issues.


Latest Tapware Trends That You Should Consider on Your Next Renovation

Tapware is functional, not only for washing and cleaning, but it also adds to a home’s aesthetics. They contribute to making an impression on your visitors and potential home buyers. To get some inspiration, here are the latest tapware trends to take a look at:



Brass has a vintage appeal but is never outdated.


Brass tapware is an excellent option because it’s available in satin and polished finishes.


The polished finish is more expensive, but it’s worth it because it’s easy to clean, versatile, and durable. You can combine it with other materials like wood and stone. It is an excellent choice for the kitchen and bathrooms and can add a warm tone or interest in neutral or cool colours.


The satin finish has a matte finish that gives your bathroom a modern look. You should choose it if you want your bathroom to look trendy or want to avoid fingerprints on your tapware. The downside of satin is that it is hard to match with other materials.


Matte Black

The latest matte black tapware trends are versatile. They can blend with any colour and house design, whether modern or classic. Matte black is also famous for its contemporary look that offers a luxury feel to your newly renovated house.


Its versatility makes it an excellent foundation in the kitchen and bathrooms. It works best with timber, marble, and stone.


Matte black can be a focal point when combined with neutral colours and complements other colours.


It is also a good choice if you’re looking for easy-to-maintain tapware that hides dirt and stains.


Matte White

Matte white is a trend that never goes out of style. It is an excellent choice because it provides a feeling of space and doesn’t grab attention. That’s why it is a favourite choice for a minimalist style.


Brushed Metal

Another of the latest tapware trends are brushed metal taps. They are a timeless and contemporary choice that can make your kitchen or bathroom look elegant.


It has a beautiful texture that maximises the light and shadow to make your space look more luxurious. It’s also fingerprint and smudge-resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain.



Graphite is another trend that has a modern look. It is an excellent matte black alternative that can make your kitchen or bathroom look sleek and stylish.


It is made from high-quality, easy-to-clean, water-resistant, and durable material.



Smart tapware provides various carbonation and temperature regulation features and has lower water usage. These latest tapware trends can be controlled with just the touch of a button and help you save space.


Installing smart tapware is a stylish addition to kitchens and bathrooms, and it can make your everyday life easier.



Pastel colours are a great way to add a different shade to your kitchen or bathroom. They come in various hues, allowing you to find the perfect colour to match your style.



Incorporating the latest tapware trends into your next renovation project will give you an attractive bathroom or kitchen, regardless of the style you like.


We hope these latest tapware ideas can help you choose the best style to add to your kitchen and bathroom. If you have trouble selecting the best type for your next bathroom or kitchen renovation, ask MKJ Projects today!




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