4 Laundry Room Renovation Ideas: Why a Laundry Room Is a Must Have

Is doing the laundry a dreaded chore in your home? Do you think it is such a hassle, taking up space and time? Or maybe you don’t have the room for laundry room renovation ideas machines.


Whatever your situation may be, there are laundry rooms to suit every need. Learn why you should consider having a laundry room and look at some of our favourite laundry room renovation ideas!


Why Should You Consider Having a Laundry Room in Your House?

A laundry room can be the most unappreciated part of a home. It is easy to incorporate it in a kitchen or bathroom. However, it makes your laundry task boring.


The following are the reasons you should consider having a laundry room.


It keeps the toxic detergents and cleaners out of reach.

Laundry rooms are a great place to store all your laundry supplies, including detergents and cleaning products.


Putting these items in an easily accessible location is essential while also not wanting them to be within reach of children or pets.


It keeps your home clean.

Having a designated laundry room means that you can keep the other parts of your house clutter-free. Laundry can be a messy task. That’s why it’s helpful to have a designated area where all the laundry supplies and machines are stored.


It makes laundry time and ironing clothes more enjoyable and efficient.

Having a dedicated space for laundry tasks means that you can get laundry done quickly and efficiently without moving laundry baskets around the house.


You also don’t have to work with those people who are cooking or want to use the bathroom.


Doing laundry becomes easier.

A laundry room is designed for efficiency and makes the task more enjoyable because you are in a dedicated space with everything necessary for your laundry day tasks.


Having all of your laundry supplies stored in one laundry room also makes laundry easier than running around the house trying to find everything you need.


Laundry Room Renovation Ideas

If you think you can make use of a laundry room in your house, you should consider the following laundry room renovation ideas for maximum comfort.


Make the room multipurpose.

A multipurpose laundry space is ideal for most homes, especially if space is limited. A laundry area can be used for many different functions and doesn’t have to be just a designated area for the laundry tasks.


You can also renovate this room to make it pet-friendly, where you can place your pets’ food, for example.


Install an engineered stone benchtop.

An engineered stone benchtop provides multiple functions. It can serve as a place to iron clothes and fold laundry. It is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, adding to the decorative style of your laundry room.


Add a lot of storage.

It’s essential to have storage in your laundry room so that you can keep laundry supplies organized and within reach. It will help make the task of laundry easier while keeping everything tidy.


Having overhead or floating storage is also a must-have as you can reserve it for toxic chemicals to make them out of children’s reach.


Install wooden flooring

Wooden flooring in your laundry room is a luxurious touch that can also be practical. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it the perfect flooring for laundry space. It can also add warmth and style to the room.


(Also see: 10 Tips for Designing a Laundry Room Layout)



A laundry room should not be an afterthought when renovating your home. It’s a valuable addition that can make laundry time more enjoyable and efficient. Consider incorporating some of these laundry room renovation ideas to get the most out of this space in your home.


If you need help with your laundry room renovation, contact MKJ Projects today for more info.


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