Luxury Bathroom Renovation: 6 Tips for a Home Improvement Project

The luxury bathroom renovation has been shown to increase the median price for homes by up to 3%. This article will discuss how you can make luxury renovations to your bathroom and reduce costs!


How to Transform Your Bathroom to Make It Look Luxurious

The fastest way to make a bathroom look luxurious is to splurge on materials and furnishes. But if you know what makes a room look elegant, you can plan your luxury bathroom renovation, which can help reduce the cost.


The following are the ways you can make a room more luxurious.


Upgrade the materials for the floor and countertops.

Instead of using ordinary tiles, use luxury marble or porcelain tiles. The same applies to the countertops, as nothing beats the sheen and beauty of marble. However, marbles and porcelain are expensive.


If you want a cheaper alternative for marble, ask your builders to install granite or quartz on your floor or countertops instead.


The downside of these materials is they can be slippery. That’s why you should also consider buying a non-slip mat to avoid accidents.


Upgrade storage in bathrooms.

The bathroom is where we spend most of our time taking showers and performing other personal hygiene activities. That is why it’s essential to have ample storage in the bathroom, as it will help keep the room organized and clean.


You can achieve this luxury look by installing frameless glass cabinets and shelves. These cabinets offer a modern look that many people are looking for these days.


Install soft lighting.

Luxury bathrooms are well lit. But luxury lighting doesn’t mean using bright or harsh LED lighting. Soft lighting is an excellent choice as it won’t hurt your eyes and can give a luxurious and spa-like ambience. It can help make you feel relaxed as you dip yourself into the tub.


Install a frameless glass sliding door.

Frameless glass sliding doors are another luxury feature that can make your bathroom look luxurious. This type of door will give the room a clean, modern, and spa-like feel.


Replace the old shower head with a luxurious one.

You can install a luxury shower head that offers multiple settings and spray patterns. These luxury showerheads can have water-saving technologies to help you save on your water bill.


Install a jacuzzi tub

A jacuzzi tub is the hallmark of luxury bathrooms. People will instantly assume that you have a luxurious bathroom just by hearing that you have a jacuzzi tub.


However, jacuzzi tubs are expensive. If you want to install one in your bathroom without spending a lot, you should consider buying a used one and refinish or install it yourself if needed.


How to Reduce the Cost of Luxury Bathroom Renovation

To make a bathroom luxurious, it’s understandable that you will have to spend a lot of money. A luxury bathroom renovation can reach up to $30,000, depending on the size of the bathroom amenities, materials, and labour costs.


The most expensive part of a luxury bathroom renovation is the labour cost. It can take up 65% of the overall expenditures.


Because of these expenses, you need to consider the following to reduce the cost.


Thorough planning

It might be a cliche for you, but not many people plan their renovations thoroughly, and they end up missing out on essential details.


It is crucial to plan everything, from the schedule, budget, materials, and labour, as repairs can be expensive.


Use alternatives

Use alternative materials if you don’t have the budget but still want to upgrade your bathroom to have a luxurious feel. For example, if you can’t afford luxury marble tiles yet, ask your builders to install granite or quartz instead, as they will give a similar look to marble.


Also, you don’t need to have a jacuzzi tub to make your bathroom look luxurious. You can change your showerhead to a more stylish one.


Choose which luxury features to splurge on.

If you’re working on a small budget, it is best to choose luxury features wisely. For example, you can forgo buying a jacuzzi tub while also enhancing the looks of your bathroom by replacing the tiles.



Today, most people can incorporate luxury features in their bathrooms within their budget. What you need is thorough planning and resourcefulness.


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If you’re looking for luxury on a budget without compromising quality and style, then having a luxury bathroom renovation is perfect for you.


If you plan to transform your bathroom into a luxurious one, contact MKJ Projects today!


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