6 Old House Extension Tips: How to Modernise Your Heritage Home

Do you own a beautiful heritage home but struggle with its limited space? Do you hesitate to ask for old house extension services because you want to make sure its unique charm is maintained? 


You’re not alone. 


Many heritage house owners face the same dilemma. But with the proper knowledge and information, you can modernise your heritage home without sacrificing its historical significance.


6 Tips for an Old House Extension

  1. Consider the architecture of your home.
  2. Choose the right builder
  3. Blend old and new
  4. Be mindful of measurements
  5. Add natural light
  6. Maximise the landscape


Consider the architecture of your home.


It will help if you research the architecture of your home. Know the unique details and materials you need to ensure the extension has the same architectural style as the house. 


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Choose the right builder.


Work with an experienced builder. 


Working on an old house requires experience and expertise, as they will deal not just with the construction per se but also its design and composition. A good builder will help you plan your extension while ensuring that it doesn’t compromise the historical significance of your home.


Find a builder with good recommendations and reviews on working on a heritage structure. Check out their portfolio before hiring them. 


Blend old and new.


To modernise your heritage home without sacrificing its unique charm, blend old and new elements. For example, you can add a modern extension to an old house and use materials that match the existing structure.


Using colour is a great way to unify old and new elements in your home. Use a similar colour palette for your extension to create a cohesive look.


Be mindful of measurements.


When planning your extension, be mindful of scale. Make sure your extension won’t overwhelm the existing structure. You can work with an architect or a builder to help you plan and choose the right size for your extension.


Add natural light.


Natural light can transform any home. Because of this, remember to figure out how to maximise natural light when planning an old house extension. It may include the installation of large windows or adding skylights. 


Maximise the landscape.


Landscaping is essential to any home extension project, including heritage homes. Therefore, make sure your landscaping will also be coherent with your home’s extension and existing structure.


Why Us?


At MKJ Projects, we understand the importance of preserving the unique charm of heritage homes. As a Master Builders Association member with over 13 years of experience, we have completed thousands of projects and renovations. 


Contact us to learn more about our previous works and how we can help you add the extension you need to your old heritage house.


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