How to Renovate Your Home for Multigenerational Living

If you live in a home with multiple generations but don’t have the space for it, you may want to renovate your home for multigenerational living.


What Is Multigenerational Living?

Some Australians choose to live with their parents, grandparents, or even aunts and uncles. It’s not because they are dependent, but it’s because it’s the arrangement that they’ve agreed with each other.


Multigenerational living refers to multiple generations living in the same house, which can be a problem if your home is not built for this kind of lifestyle.


The house may not be big enough to accommodate everyone, and it may not have the necessary amenities. For example, there may not be enough bedrooms or bathrooms, or the kitchen may not be big enough.


There may also be problems with shared living spaces, such as the living room or dining room. Bathrooms might not be spacious enough and don’t have safety bars to accommodate the needs of the elderly.


Considerations on How to Renovate Your Home for a Multigenerational Living?

If you want to renovate your home for generational living, consider the following factors:



Your home should be more accessible for the elderly, with mobility features added.


Making your home more accessible makes the elderly feel safer and more comfortable.



Privacy is important for everyone, no matter what the generation is. There should be a place where everyone can gather together to bond, but there should also be a place where each family member can enjoy their alone time.


Privacy may also refer to a space where each generation can enjoy their different interests—for example, a play area for kids and a living area for adults.



You should also renovate your home with flexibility in mind. Make some living space at home accommodating to the needs of multiple generations. One example is a kid’s room that you can easily turn into a teenage room or den.


Not only can it accommodate the kids’ needs, but it is flexible enough to be turned into a room that can accommodate their needs when they grow up.


What Can You Do to Transform Your Home for Multigenerational Living?

Here are some suggestions on how you can renovate your home for multigenerational living:


Install more lights.

If you’re renovating your home for multigenerational living, it’s important to consider the needs of older adults. Lights are among the essentials.


You can allow more natural light to enter your house by widening the windows. You can also install more light fixtures and night lights to make it easier for them to move around at night.


Improve the kitchen’s design.

A kitchen is an excellent place for the whole family to hang out. Place the countertops and cabinets in different heights or have them motorised.


Improving your kitchen’s design will give everyone the flexibility they need to work in the kitchen. It can also accommodate the needs of every member of the family with different heights.


Install a granny flat.

A granny flat is a small home or apartment that you can attach to or near your main house. It’s also called an “in-law unit” or “accessory dwelling unit.”


This feature will give the in-laws privacy, as they will have their own space.


Make the stairs safer.

If there are stairs in your home, renovate them. Make sure that they have a good grip and are easy to navigate. You can also add railing and handrails if needed.


Upgrade your bathroom.

If you renovate your bathroom, consider safety and accessibility. You may remove the showerhead, install a hand-held one, or place grab bars in the tub or shower area.


Install safety equipment in every room

Ensure that each room has safety measures. For example, place window locks in your children’s room to ensure they don’t hurt themselves.


Add an entertainment room.

Having an entertainment room will encourage bonding with all your family members. It’s also a great place where parents can bring their kids to play together, thus minimising conflicts in the house.



Renovating your home for multigenerational living is a great way to create a space where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. By considering the needs of different generations, you can make your home more accessible, private, and flexible.


If your home is not built for multigenerational living, contact MKJ Projects. We can help you transform your home to make it more accommodating to each of your family members.


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