6 Things to Plan Out Before Hiring a Renovation Building Company

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, confused and terrified by all the planning and processes your renovation project has to undertake. You don’t know what to consult with a renovation building company, putting your renovation plans at risk.


We understand you don’t want to invest in a renovation only to see it fail later. Not only will you have to endure seeing the results of it each day, but you also wasted your hard-earned money for it.


On the bright side, builders and architects can help you with the workforce, and draw you a rough plan. But they still need your input to ensure you will get the results you want, and feel proud of accomplishing an excellent renovation project.


This means you should have some ideas on what to plan for before heading out to a renovation building company to discuss the renovation project and create a blueprint.



What to Plan Out Before Hiring a Renovation Building Company


How Much Work Is to Be Done

Knowing how much to save for the renovation is one reason you should plan the project. One factor that affects your budget is finding out how much work is needed for your space.


Sometimes, you do not have to renovate the entirety of your space. Find out which aspect needs to be preserved and what can be renovated. From there, plan which area of your property to invest in for renovation.


Hiring a Designer

If you are not confident in your architectural or designing skills, leave these tasks to the professionals. Depending on your location, many architects and interior designers do not include significant construction works, however, they can help you build a renovation plan.


Consult about the best materials to use, such as the best alternatives for cheaper options. If you have a limited budget, disclose how much you can afford to help them draft the best plan.  


But make sure to hire the right people. Look at their portfolio and see their previous works. Choose a designer who you like the style and technique of.


Starting and Changing the Schematics

Once you have a designer, the planning starts. Planning usually includes the floor plan and exterior part of the property. 


Professional designers usually take around two to three weeks to complete the schematics, or the rough plan. But if you have a larger structure, creating the schematics can take many months or more. 


Once you have the schematics, check them, and talk to the designer about what you want to change. 


Doing Some of the Work Yourself

One primary reason you plan is to save. One best way to do it is to plan which work you can take away from the builders and do yourself. Examples are minor carpentry and painting. 


However, make sure you have the expertise on the work you want to do. If not, better leave the work to the experts. After all, you do not want to end up spending more in the future. 


Getting the Required Permits

Getting the correct permits is mandatory and crucial. The requirements vary depending on which state you are in. To get all the required permits can take several days or more, depending on how much work your property needs and its location.


Knowing how much time it will take to get all the necessary permits will give you an idea of when the renovation will start, and how much you should save for it. Getting permits also requires fees, and their price ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


Find out in your local state what kind of renovations require permits. Also, learn the regulations you should adhere to in a particular renovation you want. For example, if you wish to change your fence, know the measurement restrictions.


Commonly, the following renovations need a permit:

  • Electrical wirings
  • Windows
  • Structural changes
  • Doors
  • Siding
  • Wall cladding
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Footprint alterations
  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • Water heater


Before you start applying for the required permits, you need to have a building surveyor inspect your property. The surveyor’s job is to ensure that your property passes the safety, energy efficiency, and accessibility standards.


Buying the Right Materials

When it comes to planning which materials to buy, it all boils down on your budget. Consult a professional about suitable materials to use, and don’t be ashamed to disclose the price you can afford. 


Choosing your materials carefully provides you with the opportunity to cut down some expenses. To save more, go for slightly used or recycled materials and furniture.


But it does not mean you are not free to buy premium and costly materials. Choose the part of your property you want to splurge on, such as the furniture, floor, or walls. After that, buy the required materials for that part and save up for the others. 


Choosing a Renovation Building Company

It is crucial to choose the right renovation building company for the job. You will put your investment at risk if you choose the wrong builders for your job.


Choosing the right people will ensure that the renovation process will run smoothly and see the results based on your expectation. One way to find the right people for the job is to ask questions.



Some Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor 

These questions are just among the few you can ask your builder. But the following are the ones you should not forget to lessen the risk of future problems.


How long have you been running your business?

Experience is the most crucial factor when hiring a builder. You want a team that knows how to solve complicated problems they might encounter in the process. It will make you feel at ease because you trust that your property is in good hands.


Along with experience, also look at their previous record. Even if a renovation building company has been running their business for years, you still cannot put your trust in the one with a bad history. 


But even though experience is an essential consideration in hiring a contractor, it does not mean that new contractors in the field without experience do not have the right skills.


But if you choose to trust them, you are gambling. What if these contractors encounter a massive problem in the process? How do you think they will handle them?


Therefore, if you want to guarantee positive results, hire an experienced renovation building company.


Are you insured?

Hiring an uninsured renovation building company can put you in a dangerous situation. If one or few workers get into an accident when the renovation starts, you will have to take responsibility and pay for their medical bills and other expenses.


You don’t want to be in this situation and have to take responsibility that wasn’t yours in the first place. Ask the builder if their workers are insured to free you from possible future burdens.


Do you give a timeline?

Any professional renovation building company should give you a rough timeline about when they will start and finish your project. But do not expect that your contractors will strictly follow it because problems can arise at any moment, delaying the plan.


Most of the time, you have to wait around three months before they can start your renovation. The most common reason is they have to finish or have current commitments.


What you should feel wary about is if your contractor is willing to start right away. It is usually not a good sign. You should delve deeper and ask them why they do not have commitments at present.


It is normal for building companies to have seasonal downtimes, but it should not always happen. If the builder does not have any customers almost all year round, start looking for another one.



Why Choose MKJ?

Hiring professionals from different companies is a huge expense. Thankfully, there is a one-stop-shop where you can get all your construction needs. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your builders do all the leg work.


We have been in the industry for years and have enough experience to meet every challenge in construction. For this reason, you can guarantee that by working with us, the process will start and end smoothly, because we will not leave until you are happy with the results.


We understand that you have to be sceptical about the people you choose to work with on your property. It isn’t easy to find someone you can completely trust to ensure a successful renovation because it is an expensive investment.


But what we offer is a satisfaction guarantee. We never leave our projects unless you feel delighted about the results. We do not provide a tail light guarantee that cuts the builder’s responsibilities once the last vehicle moves out of your place.  


To put you in control throughout the renovation process, we assign a project manager who will work with you to answer your concerns. You will also receive weekly updates on the progress.


By working with us, you will see the renovation results you want. Most importantly, you will see an increase in your property value, helping you always feel proud whenever you look at your new home.

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