A Basic Guide for Your Retail Shop Fit-Out


Having a retail shop fit-out in a commercial building with great potential can give you a profitable business opportunity. However, once you sign up as a tenant, you cannot expect your space to be ready for business. Majority of the time, it will just be an empty space with concrete walls and floors.


The responsibility of finding an excellent building company that can help transform your rented space is yours. The service you want your builder to do to your area is called a retail shop fit-out.


What Is a Retail Shop Fit-Out


Many people think that a fit-out is the same as a renovation. However, fit-outs and renovations are quite different.


If you are making an interior space of a commercial building suitable for occupation, that is a fit-out. Whilst, renovations include upgrading or improving a damaged or not-functioning building.


If you have already started renting the space for your retail store, you will need a fit-out to equip the space for business. Many commercial buildings, such as shopping malls, accept different retailers to occupy the areas they have.


Different kinds of retailers have particular needs. A food retailer needs a more expansive space, tables, chairs, and a kitchen. In contrast, a fashion retailer needs proper lighting and fitting rooms.  


To accommodate your shop needs, you need a building company that specialises in retail shop fit-out services. Most of them have a shopfitter that plans what is best for your space. This person designs the layout and is the one responsible for the installation of your shop equipment.


Retail Shop Fit-Out Construction


The construction procedure is fast. Three months is commonly the longest time, depending on how much space you have. The tenant has to wait for a few months for the construction to finish.


During the construction, the builders will alter or install electrical wirings, plumbings, and other necessary utilities based on the tenant’s needs. It also includes installing HVAC systems, fire protection, electrical outlets, toilets, and floor modifications. 


Designing is also a part of the fit-out services, classified as Category B. It is a fit-out category that aims to customise based on the retailer’s needs and brand. 


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How Much Does the Fit-Out Construction Cost


The cost depends on how much work you need for your retail shop. It is best to ask for a quote from different building companies and compare the estimated price. After that, you can decide which one will provide you with the most value based on your budget.


When reviewing the quotes of various companies, make sure that their estimates encompass the following:


  • Technical plans
  • Design plans
  • Project management
  • Assessment
  • Construction
  • Material delivery. 


You need a comprehensive but detailed quote to avoid surprises of additional fees.


It is advisable to ask for a quote from a one-stop-shop building company to save you a headache later. A one-stop-shop company can provide all your construction needs.




If you want to have a retail shop fit-out, hire a company that can turn your plans into reality. You will be paying a lot of money and thus deserve high-quality fit-out services. Builders should be able to finish a fit-out construction fast without sacrificing the quality of work.


Having your retail shop fit-out is not the end of it. There is still a lot to consider, such as the government requirements and compliance with your landowner’s regulations. So, take extra care when hiring the builder, as the construction of your shop should be the least of your worries.

If you want a one-stop shop for all your construction needs, including a retail shop fit-out, contact MKJ Projects for more information.



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