An Expert’s Advice for a Successful Small Home Renovation

Small homes are like hideaways, a comfortable, cozy sanctuary within the confines of four walls. However, tiny houses, if not appropriately designed, can be cramped and cluttered. That’s why it’s best to look for a small home renovation builder when planning a remodelling project for your house.


Do not let the lack of space stop you from creating a tiny but mighty home. You can transform a cramped and cluttered space into something wonderful and functional. Accomplish these with innovative planning and clever craftsmanship. Use these crafty tips that will help you transform your home


But before we go into the list, remember the number one rule when designing: list down your necessities. Know your goal from the get-go. Your design will depend on your lifestyle. Will you be inviting friends over? Do you need office space? Do you want to set up an in-home entertainment? Incorporate these goals into your design.


Ideas You Can Add to Your Small Home Renovation Project


Build Extra Storage

If your primary problem is clutter, then storage is the most obvious solution. Keep your small home spacious and organized by adding storage as much as you possibly and aesthetically can. Having plenty of storage space doesn’t have to look bad; there are new and ingenious ideas on how to get the most storage out of your space..


Ask your small home renovation builder to install small shelves and cupboards in corners and cabinets to the wall. Also,if you can,  look at putting drawers under your bed to save space.



Glass windows and Skylights

Sunroofs bring the sun’s warmth and brightness into your house during the day, and let you stargaze from the comfort of your bed at night. Solar tubes may also be a valuable and inexpensive option for those gloomy and awkward places.


Aside from its economic benefit by allowing natural light to come in, it gives you the best view of the outside. Whether you live beside the mountain or own an apartment within the city, having large windows gives you a spectacular view all day.



Use Large Art Piece For Decoration

One of the goals your small home renovation builders should keep in mind is to keep your home looking spacious. Having small pieces of artwork hanging on your wall will make your room feel smaller. 


Instead, use one large-scale piece of art on a wall in your living room to make a dramatic statement. Having a single striking piece of wall art will draw the eye to it rather than drawing attention to the room’s constrained proportions.


Hang your eye-catching artwork in the middle of the wall, 57 inches above the ground – that’s where the average eye level is. This is also a rule of thumb used by museums and galleries. Instead of an elaborate or detailed pattern that might cause visual confusion, use a contemporary or abstract design.



Install a Glass Shower Wall

If your bathroom is small, an opaque shower door and enclosure would most likely make it feel even smaller. An expert’s advice for small home renovation is to replace this with a crystal-clear shower door to open up space and make it feel bigger.


Doors are essential considerations for a small home renovation as well. The shower door you choose should be able to open either way on a hinge — extending into the shower allows you to enter without striking anything, and opening out will enable you to exit quickly. 


You could also consider hinges attached to the top and bottom of the door rather than just one edge. This saves you valuable inches on the opening radius of the shower door. In a ten-foot-wide home, inches matter a lot!



Colour Scheme

Colour scheme is an important consideration for a small home renovation but often neglected. Colour schemes may have a significant impact on the ambience and mood of a room. Dark colours make spaces feel cramped, dreary and locked in. On the other hand, light-coloured walls and furniture open up rooms and give your house a new, airy vibe. The same guideline applies to flooring and ceilings: keep them light and neutral.


Small home renovation builders know that too many colours or complex patterns may be overpowering. Coordinate with them and design your house with a sense of flow by using colours and motifs consistent throughout the house.


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