Use a Concrete Slab for a High-Quality Renovation

Concrete slabs are the most powerful, underrated construction material that provides a strong foundation for any construction, including renovations. If you want to DIY or choose the best material for your floor, bathroom, or renovation, you should consider this material.


Learn more about concrete slabs and why you should use them.


Advantages of Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are a type of material that are used for foundation construction, such as patio furniture, extension, construction, and renovation. You can use them to replace timbers on a floor or for your bathroom renovation.


Here are some reasons to consider using it.



They are solid. If you apply them correctly, you can expect your renovation to last.


Better Noise Transfer

They have better acoustics as they reduce the level of noise transfer across walls or floors made with concrete slabs.



They work best on flat surfaces, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use them on sloping sites. However, the price for its application in sloping areas is higher.



Good insulation is the best characteristic of a concrete slab, as it has a high energy rating. Therefore, you don’t need to exert much effort on the insulation of your renovation if you use it.



Concrete slabs are available at different prices. They differ in the type and the amount of concrete needed. Because of this, whether you have a tight budget or are willing to splurge, you can find the type that suits your need.


Why They Are Better Than Stumps

Stumps have their own advantages. One example is that they are a better choice as a foundation for sloping areas. However, concrete slabs have more to offer when it comes to other benefits.


For example, stumps do not provide as much insulation as good as concrete slabs do. You may need to add more features that can improve the insulation of your new renovation if you use stumps.


Also, intense labour and cladding are necessary to create a sturdy stump foundation, increasing the construction cost.


Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of a Concrete Slab

Generally, the more concrete slab you use, the more expensive the cost. To save money, you need to know how to trim the cost by learning the cheapest way to apply it. Here are the factors that affect its price.



Depending on your location, the price for a 100mm-thick concrete slab ranges from $64 to $90 per square metre if you use it for a house renovation.


Area Size 

The price also differs depending on where you are in Australia. The average price per square metre ranges from $50 to $150.


Type of Concrete

Concrete slabs are available in different types, which are also available at different prices.


Spray-on concrete

Spray-on concrete is the cheapest concrete slab type on the market. The price starts at $50 per square metre.


Plain concrete

Price starts at $60 per square metre.


Reinforced concrete

Price starts at $65 per square metre.


Coloured concrete 

Price starts at $75 per square metre.


Decorative stencilled and exposed concrete

Price starts at $100 per square metre.




If you want to DIY your renovation, you may consider concrete slabs as one of the must-have materials. However, their application requires planning and consideration.


To use them correctly, you need to know how to create a stable base, choose the proper finishing tool, and know the best time for bull floating and final troweling. If done incorrectly, your foundation will not last for a long time.


Therefore, if you are not confident about using this material on your next renovation, call a professional. Contact MKJ Projects today!

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