5 Key Elements That Make a Victorian-Style Home

Do you own a Victorian-style home, or do you want your house to look like one?


Besides ensuring that your house adheres to the current building codes, you must know what it takes to preserve your house’s character or what makes a house Victorian.


What is a Victorian-style home?


Queen Victoria’s reign (1837-1901) was a time of change in Britain, with architecture being one of the central representations of this transformation.


Victorian houses are often highly decorated, with an eclectic mix of styles, including Gothic, Tudor and Queen Anne. Grandiosity is evident, such as ornate woodcraft, intricate fretwork and stained glass windows.


This style spread to other parts of the then-British Empire, such as America and Australia.


What are the three characteristics of Victorian design?

The following characterises the Victorian-style home:

  • Elaborate structures
  • Decorative details
  • Colourful exteriors


How did Australia adopt the Victorian style in houses?


The Victorian Era in Australia has three distinct periods: Early Victorian (1851-1861), Mid-Victorian (1862-1879), and Late Victorian (1880-1901).


Each is characterised by different architectural styles, reflecting the public’s changing tastes.


Early Victorian



The Gothic Revival style was prominent in the Early Victorian period, inspired by mediaeval architecture, with Augustus Welby Pugin and Edward Llwyd Eccles being among the head pioneers of it.


Picket fences and pitched roofing are the distinguishing characteristics of the Victorian style during this period.





The Mid-Victorian period saw a shift to the Italianate style, which was more ornate and formal than the Gothic Revival. Joseph Reed and John Gibson were among the architects who popularised this style.


Late Victorian



Gothic Revival and new styles, such as Queen Anne, emerged during the Late Victorian period. Iron fences and decorative brickwork were popular. William Wilkinson Wardell is one of the prominent architects of this time.


Specific tips for those who want to achieve or preserve the Victorian look in their houses


Here are some pointers to consider:

  • Spaciousness
  • Wallpapers
  • Polished floors
  • Texture
  • Antique furniture





Victorian homes were often spacious, with big rooms and high ceilings to give the impression of luxury and grandeur. They also feature tall skirting boards to enhance the sense of space.





Wallpapers decorate a Victorian home and create a luxurious impression. The most popular designs were floral or geometric patterns in bright colours.


Many Victorian homes also featured wall panelling, which was a way to add extra decoration and texture to the walls. They are often made from various materials, such as wood, plaster or metal.


Another popular feature of Victorian homes was the use of dado railings. Dado railings are mouldings that run along the bottom of the wall, between the floor and the wallpaper. They were used to emphasise the room’s height and to add visual interest.


Polished floors



Victorian homes often had polished floors made from wood, marble or tile. They were varnished or waxed to give a high-gloss finish.


Stylish rugs and carpets with bold colours decorate the floors for extra warmth. They can also match the wallpaper or dado railings to create a unified look.


Some popular designs for Victorian rugs and carpets include floral patterns, geometric designs and tartan patterns.





Luxurious materials, such as silk and velvet for curtains, seat covers, rugs and cushions, were also popular. Popular designs include stripes, florals, and animal prints.


Antique furniture



One way to update a Victorian-style home is to add modern furniture. You can mix and match old and new pieces or choose furniture that has a similar style to the antique pieces in the home.


Wooden furniture is popular for Victorian homes, as they are timeless and classy. Marble is also a good choice as it is luxurious and elegant.


Victorian-style home restoration builders



If you own a Victorian home, restoration builders can bring back the glory of your old home. It’s not a secret that old houses are expensive to maintain, especially if they don’t adhere to the current building codes.


Restoration builders can make your Victorian-style home look good as new. They will also ensure that your home adheres to the current standards and modernise it to meet your modern needs.


You can retain your house’s beauty without sacrificing its unique character. Request a quote now!


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